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Subject: shipping ahead
  I recently received my PPR,and am going to Buffalo next week to have my passport stamped w/the permanent resident visa. My question is, if I ship personal effects (clothing, books etc.) to Canada prior to my arrival, do I need to have a list of these things when I make my landing, or just the things I have with me and what´s to follow? Thanks ...
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Since everything sent into Canada goes through customs, I would suppose you would be required to pay tax and duties on everything you send prior to declaring them on your goods to follow list. I could be wrong, but that would make sense. The purpose of the goods to follow list is so you aren´t taxed on your personal effects when immigrating. If you send items ahead of time, it would be no different than if you were sending goods to a friend or relative, which would be subject to taxation.

If you are coming to Canada from the US, be prepared for a lot of inconveniences like this.

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