Wifes TRV rejected PART TWO

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Subject: Wifes TRV rejected PART TWO

Would you show me where you found this bit of information?

"I?ve looked into PNP Certificate as you (ROY) suggested; one of the conditions on it requires me to be here in Canada for one year".

I have a reputation to uphold and giving bad advice is what I try my best not to do. There are ten provinces and three territories and most have a Skilled Worker aspect to their PNP program!


Many readers here have already applied as PNP Skilled Workers and none of them where residing in that province or Canada for a year.

When it is so logical why your spouse got refused you should be able to see that your Penny wise and Pound foolish. OR IS IT SOMETHING ELSE????????

What gets me is you spent 13 years working in the States then move OUT to Canada and not UP to Canada. This statement alone makes me believe your not whom you portray! If you did your application yourself for your Work Permit because you wanted to save money it was not money well saved.

Hiring an experienced representative who can and will provide references for similar situations is money well spent. Now your wife is in one country and your in another. YOUR WIFE????

Your claim that you hired a Mississauga Law Firm to assist you with a TRV does not hold water. Applying for a TRV could mean you applied for a Canadian Visitor Visa. No Immigration Law Firm would submit a work permit application with a CVV based on a marriage that occured 4 weeks after you arrived on your work permit!

One hiring a Law Firm because their a Law Firm is also illogical.

Are they an Immigration Law Firm?
How long in operation?
Did you get references?
Did they assist you with your work permit?
Did you actually retain them or call for free advice?
Why a Mississauga Law Firm?

You must of gotten the advice by calling them? Saving more money and you got a response after asking ten questions and all they wanted was to get rid of your call?

I will be getting rid of my 800 number because toooooo many people call for free advice and stick me with the phone bill. Tired of people from this forum and the Internet calling me long distance for additional free advice.

NO Immigration Law Firm would tell you to fly back to India four weeks after arriving on a work permit to get married then submit a TRV for your new wife. This Mississauga Law Firm raises suspicions in me. Mississauga Law Firm, why a Mississauga Law Firm?

You stated your arranged marriage was planned one year in advance!
Did you go for a weekend marriage ceremony and fly right back?
Did you have a honey moon?
How long did you stay in Pakistan?

Lets see after 13 years in the States you fly home for an arranged marriage and you had a work permit application in process for how long????? It takes at least six weeks after a month of advertisements for HRSDC to provide a LMO. Buffalo takes less then 7 days to process work permit applications see here http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/information/times/international/15-temp-workers.asp and you rushed your work permit application instead of waiting four weeks to get married????? WHY??? GOT TO BE ANOTHER REASON.

Thirteen Years in the States and you come (out to Mississauga, Canada) on a work permit. Mississauga is a city that is connected but west of Toronto where many ethnic Asian´s reside.

It appears you where also too cheap to go into Toronto to hire a Toronto Immigration Law Firm I guess you where saving on the bus fair.

When people who have been in North America for 13 years on a work permit and then come (out to Canada) on a work permit it smells like you got the work permit on the basis of some dubious motives.

Did some relative of your wife hire you and the job does not really exist?
Was there an agreement that you where to marry this Lady to get her into Canada?

I can just not fathom that some one so valuable that the USA would renew their work permit for thirteen years and CIC would issue him a work permit based on his education & occupational skills would be so ignorant of Immigration Laws to not know they would refuse a brand new spouse her TRV. TRV another unusual term. People who are from non visa exempt countries need a TRV along with any student or work permit.

Then the second ia76 is refused he finds this forum to post his questions on.

If it looks like a Duck, walks like a Duck, swims like a Duck and Quacks like a Duck ---- it is a Duck or a troll!



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