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Subject: In love, need help
  I´ll try to keep this short but would appreciate some advice:
Met a girl from the U.K. while backpacking 6 months ago and we would like to begin a life together. We travelled together for 2 months and she visited me in Canada for 2 months (I am a Canadian citizen). We would both like to live and work in Canada and get married. She is currently back in the U.K.

She doesn´t possess a post-secondary education nor would it make sense for her to work on an oil rig so it is difficult for her to apply for a skilled worker visa (she is an office worker). I cannot sponsor her as a common law partner (even in another 6 months) because we have not lived together for 12 consecutive months and we are not being blocked due to immigration (as that clause is 2 way and I probably could move to the U.K. but it makes more sense with my career for us to live here).

Second issue: A mistake was made 8 years ago and she was charged with common assault (6 month max term) and sentenced to a fine and community service. From what I have read she should qualify for "deemed rehabilitated" but don´t know overall how this would affect an application.

We have many photos, emails, phone records and could get loads of testaments proving our relationship is not fabricated.

As it doesn´t look like I can sponsor her as a permanent resident, can she apply as a temporary resident (with the ability to work) so that we can gain the time to qualify as common-law? My greatest fear is getting married and not being able to live together. Please note that we will get married but would like to be sure we can get this sorted out.

I would appreciate and advise someone can give.

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