Wanting to move to canada to be with my fiance

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Subject: Wanting to move to canada to be with my fiance
  I am a US citizen in the US and my fiance lives and works in Canada. He and I are both saving money so that when he has some time off saved up he can bring me up there mid-year this year.

His family is a traditional family and he wants to be respectful to his mother by waiting for her blessing. That could take anywhere form a few months to maybe 2 years. He and I fear it could take awhile and he keeps thinking the worst that it will take awhile. It is possible he could change his mind and choose to marry me even without the blessing. But just in case he doesn´t I want to make sur eI can still stay up there in Canada with him.

Here´s a problem. I found out that the longest I can stay up there on a US Passport is 6 months. A year if I file for an extension of some sort (I think). If this blessing form his family takes awhile, he and I fear that I could be asked to leave Canada.

~~~Is there something he or I can do so that I can stay in Canada legally living together and being together without me being there illegally or being asked to leave?~~~

My basic background. I have never been conviction of anything. I am 30 years old, soon to be 31. I have a GED. I have taken some college courses. I work at McDonalds here in the USA (state of Illinois). I am regular employee. I am white and speak onloy english, which I do very well. I have no family or relatives in Canada. Only person I know in Canada is my fiance. I love him very much and want to be with him when he comes to me to help me move up there with him mid-year.

So please is there a way for me to stay up there with him past the 6 months of my passport without me being there illegally or being asked to leave. Keep in mind he wants to get married only when he has his family´s blessing (but could change his mind to without). Please explain.

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You don´t have a whole lot of options. Without a spousal application, the choices you have are a student visa or a work visa.

Work Visas are difficult to come by as you need to prove that you aren´t taking a job from a Canadian (and get an LMO) and with the current economic situation, it is going to be even harder.

When you do come to stay for the 6 months, you will not be able to work or go to school as you will be here on a visitor visa.

The best you can hope for is that you would be granted entry into Canada for a year, live with your boyfriend for the year and then apply as common-law. Either way, it is contingent on you being able to live with your partner for a year.

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