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Subject: Non-Accompanying Family Members
If the legally married spouse and children of the principle applicant on a skilled worker application do not wish to immigrate nor examined, can the principle applicant still apply for immigration?

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It is complasary to mention all details in the form. Once it is mentioned in the form each and every member has to undergo for Medical test. If, anyone of the member will fail to pass the medical VISA will not be issued.

Think of a situation :
At present, your family members are NOT ready to immigrate, but what about future ? Meanwhile you will become citizen ( if allowed to go alone ) and then claim for your family members to immigrate. If one of your family member is NOT having the favourable condition for immigration in that case also they ( CIC ) has to permit.

They / Everybody wants to avoid such contions.

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I am talking about non-accompanying family members who are not interested in immigration to Canada and unwilling to avail themselves to medicals or any other examination.The principle applicants is willing to permanently exclude them from family class.Any expert advice?
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Its always better to declare. You never know when they want to join you. You cann´t predict future
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I know all of that.Can anyone tell me from a legal/technical stand point,is it possible?can you immigrate without having the spouse you are legally married to and your kids examined.Will CIC allow it?

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