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Well I sure hope change comes sooner then later.

Canadian hassled at border while going to the inauguration.

Not all Somalia are pirates.
Not all Jamaican´s are drug dealers.
Not all Russian´s are mafia.
Not all Nigerian´s are fraud artists.
Not all Chinese are bad drivers.
Not all religious people are fanatics.

It does appear that all US Border guards are Republican´s and are sad to see George Bush leave. I think they were trying in vain to destroy a great time by all!

My morning Rant!


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What a disturbing story. Unfortunately, it´s not surprising and I´m sure there are more stories like this one out there. Good for them for continuing on their journey.

I am surprised that slavery and segregation are considered only part of American history, when Canadian history parallels that of the US. Canadians held slaves and didn´t abolish slavery until 60 years, give or take, before the US did. Segregation here was as prevalent as in the US--against both blacks and women-and didn´t end until about the same time. Yet, few Canadians seem to know about this or want to talk about it--it seems it´s easier to put the blame on the Americans. At the same time, I don´t get the sense that black Canadians hold onto this horrific history in the same way African Americans do, and I wonder why this is.

In US schools, we learn little to nothing about Canada, even when it directly relates to US history or political science. As a child, I was fascinated with history, particularly the gold rush (I grew up in California), the pioneer expansion, and the Underground Railroad. Yet, in all the history books I devoured, I never once read that the Underground Railroad went across the Canadian border, that Canada, and not merely the northern states, were considered the "real" goal. Nor did I learn that slavery occurred in other countries (world wide)--certainly there was no mention of our fair and neutral neighbor to the north!

It is fascinating to me how history is shaped, how our knowledge of history has always been so easily manipulated. My mother tells me that growing up in Germany during and after the war, history lessons stopped at 1939. No one talked about the war, and she learned almost everything she knows about the circumstances she grew up in after she left her country. My father grew up in Alabama during the height of segregation and the awful struggles of the 1950s, and yet knew nothing about it.

Apologies for my morning ramble. Good food for thought over morning coffee.

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Well, to be honest with you this is all about media hype as media is projecting muslims as terrorists without showing the fact to the world that there are millions of muslims living in North America and Europe very peacefully. Most of the Americans including law enforcement agents do not have much information about muslims and muslim world. The think there is only one muslim in the world which is know as Bin Laden. They are told about Talibans of Afghanistan only. I wonder why dont media project the positive side of muslims ever on the media. The world is never told that this extremist part of muslims consist probably one percent of the whole population of muslims around the globe. Yet we are focusing more on this 1 % percent and rest of the 99% peaceful muslims are suffering for no reasons. I can understand the duties of law enforcement officers as well, they are helpless because they do not know much about the world. What they know is more than enough to stop a harmless mulsim woman wearing hijab. The problem is that muslim communities are also doing nothing to educate the world about 99% of the peaceful muslims and world is getting this impression that all the muslims are the same. Stereotyping is NOT a good thing! Not every white man is racist, not every muslim is terrorist, not every black man is trouble why not help others to understand it on individual basis if you can to educate people around you that STEREOTYPING for any community, religion, faith or society is a bad attaitude and must be avoided. God Bless!
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To tell the truth, we Canadians, lacking balls to argue with the Brits and not knowing why on earth do people want to be free or have liberties, are still slaves to Britain. We paid Brits their kickbacks till very recently. We have no nation nor national heroes worthy of sitting on our currency so we continue to suck British cock and have THEIR queen on our currency. Canada remains a despicable nation and must be relegated to the extant British colonies instead of treating us as humans. We are morphed, we are sub-human... This includes Roy and the likes... Sad but true. No wonder in British comedy circles they have so many jokes about the midgets in Canada who have no clue what century it is! LOL
give it a rest
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I do not understand what the problem is.They are seeking admission to the US and the Americans have the right to verify they have no ill-intentions.
I rather hurt someone´s feelings than have people blown up to bits because we are too politically correct to check people.

You cannot check everyone just to make some feel good about themselves and you cannot drop security all together.

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I am sorry but you are an intellectual embarrassment. Slavery was abolished in what is now Canada in the 1830s. Slavery has never existed on Canadian soil ie. since the establishment of Canada (Confederation). The same cannot be said about the US. At least the founding fathers were kind enough to grant slaves citizenship under the 14th amendment. As far as the underground railroad goes - yes it went to Canada. For more information read the book "The Underground Railroad". You have exemplified the inferiority of the American school system.

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