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Subject: Application processing time
  I´m just wondering if anybody´s application here just got processed? And when did you send the application?

I´ve sent mine on October 2006 and have not received any updates yet, I´m just thinking when will my application got processed (medical and sending documents). Thanks

Btw I applied through the Singapore office. Thanks in advance...

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What kind of application did you submit?? The type of application will determine the processing time.
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I´m sorry, it´s for skilled worker
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I had submitted the application in Aug 2006 and recieved document update request in October 2006. Probably u would recieve the same this month.
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Jay did you receive the update request on October 2006 or October 2008? I presume it´s october 2008 right? Is it the same Singapore office? Thanks for the info...
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