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Subject: Does Someone Have the Answer ?
  I am Canadian and plan to get married soon with my Mexican fiance who is here in Canada and would like to go on a honeymoon. Then Apply for inland sponsorship. I have been told to re-enter Canada I just have to have our marriage certificate, I have also been told that she would not be able to re-enter as she would most likely not be returning to Mexico. As both answers are from 2 different Immigration lawyers maybe someone here can help.

Thank-you to anyone who can.

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The decision on whether your wife would be allowed to re-enter is at the discretion of the immigration officer at the point of entry. They may choose to deny her entry as she has strong ties to Canada and may not leave once her visit is up.

That said, it is possible that she may be granted a visitor record and able to come into Canada. The officer may advise you that you need to complete an application of PR for her, but again there is no hard and fast rule in whether they will admit her or not.

My recommendation, if you can prove that she has ties to Mexico and would be leaving at the end of her trip, (i.e. a return ticket, proof of your application being started and getting ready to send to Vegreville, it is possible that she would be able to enter on a Visitor Record.

That said, remember they aren´t required to grant her entry. You re-entering Canada with her should help and be sure to bring a copy of your marriage certificate when you re-enter.

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ok, thank you for your help. As I see from your words its up to the guy at the gate !!
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