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  Hi. I´m an Egyptian citizen. I have worked as ESL teacher for 20 years, last two years at colleges, all in the Middle East.My family & me are moving 2 British Colombia next June.
Will it be easy 2 find a job in my field,teaching? If so, how much is the pay for a non native teacher?
I have my first degree, BA, from Egypt, but I also have CELTA.
I would also like 2 know about the cost of living for a small family,, husband, wife & a 9 year old daughter,, in BC.
Any advice !!

Proof of Funds+ place of landing (in reply to: ESL Teacher)
Hi. I am landing in Canada soon. Upon landing,will they check the amount of money I claimed as savins? What if I don´t have that amount upon landing?

When I applied, I mentioned that I will live in BC, can I still land in Qubic, Monterial then travel to BC after 2 or 3 weeks, as I have a friend there who might receive me and my family for that period of time?
Please advise !!

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1. Your previous education in Canada except for CELTA means nothing- forget about that...
2. ESL jobs are the worst paid jobs in all English speaking countries, those who cannot do anything else (or those who hope to find a job abroad)become an ESL teacher in English speaking countries,
3. Just an idea for you in toronto most ESL teachers earn between 13-25 CAD an hour, and probably you will pay at least 1000 CAD for an apartment for your family plus think about that...
4. In a country where there are full of English speakers who can speak better than you finding an ESL job as an Egyption unfortunately 00000....
5. To live in toronto or similarly in BC- if you want to have the same life as you have been having in your own country for all your family members- you ned to make about 50.000 CAD annually, as a foreigner making that money as an ESL teacher (even for natives) is almost impossible unless you work for a university or college- and remember only those with a PHd can work at a uni or college..
6. Just a friendly advice, if you are moving here and ready to do anything for your kid(s) education and future then move, if you are thinking that you are going to have a great life (or the same life you have in your country) as an ESL teacher in Canada, my friend that is a big dream which might never come true...
7. No friends no family members can look after a family of 3 more then a week, if they are not super rich of course -- do not rely on your friend...
8. If you apply for a job as an ESL teacher the moment those employers see your arabic name they will just ignore your application, if you wanna try and see..pretend that you are in Canada and give your friends address and phone number see whether anybody would call you for an interview or not, just try and see... Go to craiglist apply for any ESL jobs just try and see... Please do your homework, and be prepared, this is a beautiful country but people are not that rich, they buy fruits one by one, one apple, one onion and one cucumber at a time, just think how you go shopping and how you buy things in kilos in your country...
9. I was reading an article last week - cannot remember where it was but 80% of the new immigrants are doing worst paid jobs which native Canadians would not want to do, like working at McDonalds, Mac´s, coffee shops, cleaning, etc.
Good luck ..

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