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Subject: Self employed category for musician
  I went to college here in CAnada and graduated. Problem is, I studied music and there are no 40 hour a week jobs in music. I´ve been here for 8 years! and have a post-grad work permit till Aug 2010. I wanna stay here but my field doesn´t make it easy to fit into canadian class or skilled worker becuase I don´t have the 1 year experience they ask for...nor do I think I can get a job like that in my field. Any suggestions? How hard is it to pass as a "self employed" person making a case for "participation in world class cultural activities" (music in this case)? Is it very hard to pass under this category? and how long does it take?

I´ll appreciate your help and any other suggestions you might have.
I´m trying to deal with this now while I still have some time!!

Lina Quesada
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