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Subject: Record of Landing
  I applied in December 2008 for a certified copy of my record of landing (from 1966) so that I can apply for my OAS and Canada Pension. (As others have noted being a Canadian citizen doesn´t seem to help}. I received a receipt/invoice on January 9, 2009 for my application and payment informing me the copy would be mailed to me in approximately 28 weeks - a few months before my 65th birthday.

Does it usually take this long to get a certified copy? Should I go ahead and send in my application anyway before I receive the copy?
Also, my name was misspelled on the invoice and it is almost impossible to contact anyone at CIC by phone to correct this. Can I just assume it was a typing error or will this create another problem for me in the future?

Thanks for your help.

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What is Foss?
Need to apply for a certified copy of my landing document (in reply to: Record of Landing)
I am asking your office to please send me an application via email for a certified copy of my landing documents. I immigrated in 1963. Thank you Helen
Helen Pergados
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Helen, we are not Canadian Immigration services. try
lost landed immigrant form for OAS (in reply to: Record of Landing)
I landed on 25th May 1981 and need a copy of the above form for my OAS application. Can I use IMM 1436?
need proof of landing sept.12.1966 in Toronto (in reply to: Record of Landing)
I have lost my slip of landed immigrant of Sept.12.1966 in Toronto; via Air Canada
schueler;manfred lutz
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