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The New Democratic Party´s Platform

? Repeal Bill C-50 changes to the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act.

? Accelerate and streamline the recognition of foreign credentials.

? Review the point system used to assess new applications to match the reality of work in Canada, including specific provisions for blue-collar workers and tradespeople.

? Increase immigrant settlement funding.

? Increase resources to reduce the backlog to meet Canada´s target of annual immigration (1% of population).

? Establish targets for on-time completion of family class and spousal sponsorships.

? Implement Once In a Lifetime bill to expedite sponsorship of one family member as a new Canadian.

? Eliminate landing fees for new immigrants and processing fees for refugees.

? Develop appeal processes for potential visitors to Canada.

? Regulate immigration consultants.

? Establish a refugee appeal division.

? Eliminate discrimination against people with disabilities in admission processes.

? Allow people without status who are living in Canada the opportunity to apply for legal status.

? abrogate the Safe Third Country Agreement with the United States.

? Establish a special program to allow "Iraq War resisters" from the U.S. to remain in Canada.

The Conservative Party´s Platform


? Implement reforms contained in the 2008 Budget to reduce immigration processing backlog and expedite applications from people with skills and professions most in demand.

? Work with provinces and territories to ensure greater standardization of workplace and professional credentials across the country and standards for assessment of foreign credentials.

? Place foreign credential on agenda of next meeting of First Ministers.

? Make immigration consulting a regulated activity

The Liberal Party´s Platform


? Invest $400 million over four years to modernize information, data gathering and processing procedures.

? Revamp Canada´s immigration points system to give greater weight to skilled trades, to better align the immigration policy to the needs of the labour market.

? Create an In-Canada Fast Track program to allow temporary workers, international students and live-in caregivers to apply for permanent residence within Canada, as well as increase the number of landed immigrants consistent with the "immigrant success strategy."

? Introduce the Welcome Canada Pass, a five-year renewable, multiple-entry visitor visa for individuals sponsored by Canadian citizens and landed immigrants. Under this visa, the financial and personal responsibility for visitors will be borne by the sponsor, not the taxpayer.

? Create a Canada Express Pass for frequent business visitors to reduce processing times and promote trade and commerce.

? Invest $200 million over four years in New Beginnings Canada, an enhanced language training initiative designed to help newcomers master the language necessary to get jobs that match their qualifications. N Commit $200 million over four years to Bridge to Work, a new initiative that will better prepare newcomers for the workplace through the use of internships, mentorship and work placement opportunities.

? Provide direct financial support to assist foreign-trained doctors and other professionals in obtaining their Canadian qualifications.

? Work with the provinces while respecting their jurisdiction, to help them attract and retain immigrants by strengthening their Provincial Nominee Program, providing better information about opportunities in all parts of Canada, and enhancing settlement resources for smaller centres.

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just remember, the current backlog occured under the Liberal government.
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Regulate Immigration Consultants, DAH!!!!!!!!

Been there done that..............

All parties during there across Canada trek (Standing Committee of CIC) recommended scraping CSIC and starting over so that a new organization could go after people who just hang out a shingle and take money from unsuspecting applicants. Plus to eliminate some concerns of the Societies members. All political parties listed their concerns regarding CSIC but I can not comment one way or the other on what the Standing Committee recommended.

I can only assume that the Standing Committee Recomendations are what the NDP and the Conservatives are referring to in their platforms which I have not seen the original platforms.

The Law Society of Upper Canada is taking the regulation of Consultants to the Supreme Court stating that the Liberal government of the day had no legal right to turn over the regulation of Consultants to CSIC instead of doing it themselves.

What is hilarious about the various platforms you posted Jas is most of the items CEC, work permits, regulation of Consultants etc. etc. have already been dealt with.

Like Sharon stated the Liberals created the backlog.

Denise Codere former Minister of CIC (LIBERAL) stopped all parental sponsorships for eighteen months and didn´t even tell his own party members. Codere also when he was Immigration Minister created Regulation 11 (1) & (2) IELTS testing etc. which really decreased processing times. In his day 48% of all applicants where off shore applicants and he eliminated 48% of CIC customers.


are the Liberals nuts? (in reply to: Party's Platforms)
They want to spend hundreds of millions of dollars on immigrants, while we have CANADIANS who are homeless and starving children! Its time to clean up our own backyard before holding a block party.

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