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Subject: Exclusion Order
  I am a US Citizen with an Uncle in Toronto very ill with Liver Cancer.
I was asked by my family since I am not working at this time to come up to help out with my Uncle´s care. I am married, but my husband was not coming with me. I arrived at the border crossing at 1000 islands with a 16 ft truck containing many of my possesions since I was planning on staying about 4-5 months. I was interogated and told that they (CBCS) believed I was attempting to immigrate illegally to Canada. The officers were rude, threatened to arrest me and refused to even consider my humanitarian request that I was only going to help out a sick uncle (a Canadian citizen). I had documentation from my uncle´s wife and they refused to even look at it. My Uncle´s wife even drove 3 hours to the border and the officers refused to even speak with her. I felt I was discriminated because I was an American Citizen. One border agent even said to me "you come from a country that you should not be afraid to go back to". I was forced to sign an exclusion order banning me from returning to Canada for one full year. What are my options?

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A 16 foot truck loaded full of household items and you thought you should be admitted as a Visitor?


You were not forced to sign the exclusion order you where told that signing the exclusion order is just an acknowledgment of receiving same.

When one is taking care of a sick person they are working are they not?

Can all Canadian´s work in USA without authorization?

You found this site after you got excluded maybe you should of found this site before you rented and loaded a 16 foot truck with household belongings.


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That´s very helpful Roy! I´m glad you found it humorous.
Working means getting PAID. Taking care of a sick relative is not a job, it´s a family obligation. As far as the Exculsion Order goes it is filed no matter if you sign it or not. I thought I might get some useful information from this site, but clearly not from YOU. Thanks so much!

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Most of the people are here to find only business. Professional people would help to a normal person???, when they charge $200+ bucks per hour for advise.
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the 16 foot truck loaded with posessions was not a sign of visiting to care for a sick family member. It screamed MOVING. not a bright move.

sadly, everyone has a sick uncle - real or otherwise.

I would suggest in one years time, trying again but leave your stuff at home. in the mean time, hopefully another relative is available to assist your sick uncle.

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Every one has been touched by Cancer that I know in one way or another.

I can not imagine what takes place in the States with their health care system when one gets stricken with Cancer. I am assuming that due to your love for your Uncle and not knowing how to pack properly you loaded & rented such a large truck. You are not alone in the situation your Aunt, Husband and all the other family members are also responsible for what happened.

You could of came with your truck and all of those belongings if you would of researched the requirements of a LONG TERM RESIDENT on the CBSA site.

I lost it because I could actually see the whole conversation taking place with you at the border. Especially when they asked you in vague terms if you wanted to make a refugee claim, "you come from a country that you should not be afraid to go back to".

It was your anger in your posting regarding being discriminated because you were an American, seen that before. Then the LOADED 16 foot truck that should be able to carry five tons of household goods and you trying to convince CBSA officers that all your stuff is duty and tax free that should be allowed into Canada for four or five months.

Under the Immigration Act what you intended to do is be your Uncles (Personal Support Worker) or home Nurse which might be a term Americans use. That is work.

Apply for an authorization to return to Canada as a Long Term Resident through Buffalo RPC.


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