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Subject: Student Permit and Temporary Resident Visa

My Student Permit and Temporary Visa expire December 2008 and i have not yet finished my program. I have been told to extend my student permit and that it is possible to do this while in Canada. However, I am traveling to my home country in December and will need to get a Temporary Resident Visa to re-enter Canada.
How do I do all this?
Should I continue to apply within Canada for the extended student permit and get a new TRV when i go home? What forms do I use to do the latter.. the student permit forms or the temporary resident visa forms?

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I remember someone on this forum mentioned before that you can submit the TRV application to the Buffalo, NY consulate. Wait for someone else to confirm this.

The forms for study permit and TRV extension requests are the same.

It looks like the logical sequence if to apply for the study permit first. Then, once you have it, apply for the TRV. It took one month and 17 days (from date envelope was mailed expedited parcel) before I received my new study permit by mail this year. I don´t know how long a TRV request takes.

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