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  Dear Friends

My Immigration points it totalling up to 63 inculding IELTS points 10. I have given the IELTS test twice but in both cases i got 6.5 overall. So i told my consultant to go ahead & process the application but he says its likely to get rejected. So shall i give a try again for the IELTS to get a score of 7 in all or shall i go ahead?

please someone reply soon.


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Will you please give detailed break up of your points ? Depending on that the possibilities to get more points,in future, may be discussed.

As a matter of fact visa office may arrange and hence select FSW having 60 points or more , based on suitability.

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Your final score is: 63

Here is the breakdown of your total score:

Factor Maximum Your
Points Score

1 Education 25 22
2 Language Ability 24 10
3 Work Experience 21 21
4 Age 10 10
5 Arranged Employment 10 0
6 Adaptability 10 0

Total Score 100 63

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If you are scoring less than 67 then your file will be rejected.
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language buddy langauge...try to increase the english langauge scores otherwise you are rejected most probably other than that you look good as you have arranged employment and you can immigarate faster than others!
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@ Mike

No i dont have the arranged employment, let me post the break down again

1 Education 22
2 Language Ability 10
3 Work Experience 21
4 Age 10
5 Arranged Employment 0
6 Adaptability 0

Total Score 100 63

It seems i will go for the language test again as i told the consultant to hold my app for 2months more.

Thanks all @ Raj , Samm & Mike

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What gets me is people like you who pay for advice and then do not take that advice.

Will you file a complaint when your application is rejected?
R U planning to enter into a bogus marriage to get more points?
Y not focus on improving your English?

Your from India and you can´t get enough points in English?? No English teachers in India?

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@ Roy

i am from India but now im abroad in Bahrain. I checked with britsh council and they r charging way to high for the IELTS course. This is my 3rd attempt so will find a good tutor & then i will go for the exam again. I know i am missing out something so i hope the tutor will help me out to get atleast 7 in all modules.


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IELTS is an easy exam only if you know how to approach it. It is tricky and need preparation.
I took the exam twice. On the 2nd attempt, I scored:

Reading 7.5
Writing 8
Speaking 7.5
Listening 6.5

I couldn´t score higher than 6.5 in listening, although my scores improved on the rest. Re-taking the exam didn´t help me becuase CIC considers the score in each section, not the overall score. For example, in your situation, you desperately in need for 7 in all the sections. Even if you score 9 in all the sections but only one where you score less than 7, all the efforts will be in vain....hence the difficulty of IELTS for the immigration.

I went ahead and submitted my exam to the CIC. To compensate my weakness in listening, I supplemented the exam result with documentation of working for six years in the United States, in an english speaking setting. Things worked for me!! and now I am waiting for the PR.

Study hard for the exam in order to cross 6.5 to 7. A lot of material is available out there. The internet has many free web sites for IELTS. Just be insistent.

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My IELTS Break down

1st attempt
Reading 6
Writing 6
Speaking 6.5
Listening 7

2nd attempt i prepared much better but scored low again
Reading 6
Writing 6
Speaking 5.5 <---Low
Listening 7

So it seems i´m missing out on some important factors which i will try my best to cover up to get 7 in all. Lets hope for the best.

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I agree, IELTS is about practice and concentration (of course, you also need to be able to communicate in English).

When you are taking the test, for example listening, read the questions first (they give you time for that). When the tape starts, concentrate to whats being said. Donít let your mind wander. Follow the conversation with the questions. Donít guess the answer (unless you have missed the answer, in which case guess it, donít leave any question unanswered).

Similarly in reading, read the questions first. As you read the paragraphs, underline words or phrases that relate to the questions.

Writing is a bit more tricky. They will be looking for correct grammar and spelling, but more importantly they will also be looking for flow, structure, vocabulary, etc. Donít try to use big words. Its more important to get the idea across in a logical manner. Donít use spelling as if you are sending an SMS to a friend.

Depending on your English speaking abilities, it could also be a bit tricky. Being in a test condition will make you a bit nervous. Be calm (I know, easier said than done) and answer as if you are having a conversation with your boss or teacher (but not as if you are having a conversation with a friend. You need to maintain professional tone and language. Donít you slang or street language).

Practice as much as you can. Cambridge IELTS (Examination papers from University of Cambridge. ESOL Examinations) by Cambridge University Press is fairly good. There are a series of book (I think there are 6, but possibly more). Use 4,5, 6 as the reading format has changed and series 1,2,3 uses older format which is not used in current tests any more. Keep in mind that this book wont teach you English or how to take IELTS. Its only questions, simulating actual test. Will help you practice for the test.

Your local library may have the above (or other) books on the subject.


Ray Masa