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Subject: Need advice on marrying & entering Canada
  Hello, I looked around the forum but couldn´t quite find what I was looking for, so I had to ask. Here is the details:

I met my girlfriend while she was a student in Vancouver Canada.
She was here in Canada for about a year I believe and returned back to Japan. So she is Japanese of course. I am Canadian.

We want to get married now, so we need some tips as to what our best way of doing all this would be so we can be together and live in Canada.

First, is it better to get married in Japan or Canada? Or does it matter? Is one easier than the other? Or more helpful for immigrating to Canada?

Second, what would be the best/fastest or easiest procedure for us to follow to allow us to be together in Canada? (For her to Immigrate)

Sorry I don´t know the technical terms for everything I´m asking.
Any help will be very appreciated. Thank you!

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Hi, congratulations to you !

An application to sponsor your spouse from outside Canada is quicker than an in-Canada application.

Check out this link:

It tells you all that you need to sumit as proof of a genuine relationship to sponsor your spouse. Send loads and loads of pictures, emails, telephone bills.....stuff that will prove the authenticity of your relationship. Read carefully through the guidelines and all the application forms. Everything is very well and precisely stated. If you have any queries you can call the contact numbers given.

Also she needs to submit police clearance certificates from all countries that she had lived in for over 6months since the age of 18 yrs.Some countries take anywhere from 1 to 3 months or more to ready them, so it is easier to apply for these now before you are married, then after the marriage you will not have to wait for these documents.

I´m no expert, just speaking from my personal experience and I hope that I was able to be of help.
good luck!!!

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fastest way is an outland application - you in Canada, her in Japan.

good luck to you.

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Thank you for quick replies! :)

To clear up:

1. The outland application can only be started AFTER we are married?

2. Also, does this mean that we should get married in Japan rather than Canada?

And from Japan make the application after legally being married?

3. Also, once we start the application, do you think she can come to Canada to stay with me while that application is being processed?

Sorry for all the questions.

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1 - if you have not been living common law for one year then yes... after you are married
2 - you can get married on the moon if you like. It may be difficult to get your fiance into Canada. You as the Canadian file an application to sponsor (it goes to Missisauga) then the file goes to Japan to screen your spouse.
3 - tough to say. Border staff would not likely believe she is simply coming for a visit and that is what you have to be doing or they won´t let you in.

just had a friend sponsor his wife from Korea. took them 3 months total.

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Thanks Sharon.

One last thing..

If we decided to get married in Canada, and she comes to Canada on whatever visa she could get for the meantime, and we get married durring that time, can we:

1) Still apply using an outland application? (while in Canada)

2) Would she still have to go back to Japan durring this time?

I guess I´m just trying to figure out how to choose 1 of the 2 choices we could have. What the best route would be..

Thanks again... :)

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1) yes
2) if they request an interview

no question the outland is a better choice in every way - even if you end up having to live apart for a while

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Thanks again Sharon!
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