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Subject: temporary resident visa
i applied for my extension of my student visa but instead i got work visa stamped on it. i am so confused??????? what should i do??

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Be happy and resubmit and this time check off the right box and send to the correct address.


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hey roy thank you for the prompt answer. just have one more question. when i applied i sent my renewed study permit ,letter from school, transcripts and all the other stuff. If at all i had checked the wrong box which i am sure i did not,they should sent my application back on the basis of wrong application. how come i got a different visa. was it a processing mistake or does it usually happen if at all i checked the wrong box.


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Hi I need Help...

I am currently working in Windsor. I had applied for my extension of labor market opinion in early July. Which took a while to come through. Now I just found out that I should have sent in my application for extension of my work permit before it expired or else it would be a long wait and I would have to stop working.
How do I go about it now? I thought I could only extend my work permit once I recieved my labor market opinion. I cant afford to miss time from work would I be able to get some help from the office in Toronto???

Would really appreciate if someone could help me out..

Thank You.



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