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Subject: pregnant , seeking extending sister visitor's visa
  hi everyone

i am going to be giving birth in november, and my sister who is here visiting me, her visitor´s visa expired at end of october. my husband and I would love to have her be here for the birth of the baby, and help me out for a while with the baby, until i can go back to work, and we can thus afford a nanny.
We are unsure if immigration will accept the application to extend a visitor´s visa based on these grounds.
i can submit documents about my pregancy, me and my husband will support her for that period of time, but i would like to have a sister by my side since this is my first child, and i need the help.
what are the chances immigration will decline extending her stay here beyond october.


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One of our fiend extended there mother´s visa for pregnancy reason, and they got it.

That being said, it doesn´t assure you that you will also get it for sure, but there are fair chances for getting it.

Only thing to do it apply and see what happens.


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