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Subject: Exporting the car from USA
  Hello all,

Hope somebody can help with this question. I am going to export my car from US to Canada through Montana. According to a website I was given by CBP,


I have everything ready. All I have to do is fax the docs to the border. One of the requirements is,

2: A copy (front and back) of the Vehicle Title, Manufacturer´s Statement of Origin (MSO) or certified copy of the same from the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).

Now, I have title free and clear with me. But Do I have to have MSO too? I thought MSO is for the initial registration. When I went to DMV they said all I need to have is the title. I just wanted to get a second opinion from those who have experience.


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I thought it was the manufacturers statement of compliance with U.S. regulations. But it also indicates origin, I think. In any event, it should be on the door or inside frame of the vehicle, usually driver´s side. I don´t know how one could make a copy of it. When I called Canada Border Services, they said it was sufficient that it could be found and read.
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I think that Richard is correct, it is more a certificate of compliance with the Canadian standards.
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Thanks both of you.
But this is requested by US border. If you follow the link it will get you there. I am sure the title is all I need at the US border but its confusing what they are asking.

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I even didn´t know that you have to stop at the US border, so far I had an impression that you have to drive directly to the Canadian side and deal with their customs.

Richard may tell better.

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Once you drive straight to the Canada Customs, they will send you to the US Border (back) to deal with title transfer. The US customs do not need anything else except a CLEAR title. Even if you did not fax them the title, you will be given a chance to return to the US border within 3-5 days and collect your original title which they will keep for verification (of authenticity, legality of ownership and any leins). To return to the US border, you don´t need a visa. Drive up, get the title and drive off (one of the US folks will watch you to make sure you don´t dash into US on your U-turn!). You need a certificate from the maker of the vehicle stating that it does not have any recalls on it). This certificate is needed to Canadianize the vehicle, not to satisfy any needs of the US customs. If you did not get this recall-clearance from manufacturer while in the US, you can also contact the manufacturer (by phone and fax) from inside Canada and have it faxed or mailed to you in Canada. This would need your presence in canada for a month at least! I hope you are not one of those who like to land and run off back to the states.
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I´ll be doing the same next week, exporting two cars from the US and importing them into Canada.

According the information at RIV, you must notify US Customs at least 72 hours before crossing that you will be exporting a car. Expect that they will need the following information (same info that Canada Border Services will need when importing): title documents, registration, sales receipts, statement of compliance label (inside door, as Richard noted), and the manufacturer´s recall clearance letter.

Good luck!

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Info from http://www.importexporthelp.com/car-exporting.htm

Car Exporting - Basic Requirements And Procedures

To export a motor vehicle from the United States , the exporter must provide documents that demonstrate proof of ownership. In almost all cases, this will be the certificate of title. The original ownership documents, or a certified copy, and two copies must be presented to U.S. Customs.

If you are exporting through a land border port, you must submit the ownership documents to that port at least three days before exportation. On the date of exportation, you must present the vehicle to U.S. Customs to verify that the car being exported is the one described in the ownership documents.

The car will be subject to Customs inspection at the time of exportation. If the exportation is by ship or plane, both the vehicle and ownership documents must be presented to Customs at least 72 hours before lading, at which time Customs will conduct its inspection.

The vehicle will be authorized for export only after Customs has inspected it and certified that the ownership documents are in proper order. Your original title will then be stamped or perforated to show that your vehicle was exported from the United States .


Only the original certificate of title, or a certified copy of the original, is considered valid proof of ownership. Other registration documents, by themselves, are not considered proof of ownership. If the car has a lien, encumbrance, or is leased, the exporter will have to attach to the certificate of title a letter from the lien holder or lease holder authorizing it to leave the country.

If the vehicle is a new car that has never been titled, it can be exported by submitting a document known as a manufacturer?s statement of origin in lieu of the title. The manufacturer?s statement of origin may be obtained from the auto dealer. The original and two copies must be presented to Customs.

Some very old used vehicles and some foreign vehicles purchased abroad may not have a certificate of title, or junk scrap certificate in force and for which a manufacture?s statement of origin was not issued. In these cases, a bill of sale, sales invoice, right of possession, or other documents sufficient to prove lawful ownership may be used. In addition, the owner must certify in writing to Customs that the procurement of the vehicle was a bona fide transaction and that the vehicles presented for export is not stolen. Again, the original and two copies must be presented.

Check with your local Customs office about acceptable ownership documentation for cases in which a title cannot be produced. Most used vehicles, however ?and this includes used cars legally bought and sold in the United States?must be accompanied by the original title, or a certified copy, as proof of ownership.

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