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Thanks for the reply to my query.In january 2006 i had appeared for IELTS(GENERAL) and i scored 7.5 band for listnening,6.5 band for reading,7.0 band for writing and 7.0 for speaking and my overll score is 7.0 band. If i wish to study after landing in Canada should i go for another IELTS or TOEFL?Will the employers accept online courses of canadian colleges or universities?I am planning to do a marketing course which is offered by CHARTERED INSTITUTE OF MARKETING U.K. They have their chapter in Canada also and their qualifications are accepted world wide and is considered to be one among the prime qualification in marketing. Is Canada no a good option for Marketing and Sales guys?If i took PR in Canada Can i go And Work in U.S?Does it possible?What i am planning is that it will take some more time to complete the process. So i thought to do some courses not far away from my basic qualifications as i heard that Canadians will not accept if we change the education stream ie for eg.A hospitality professional going for an accounting job. Is it true?I accept the suggestions of MR.Tariq and i will try to work out on that.Which are the professions high in demand in Canada?

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Hello, I have done BBA in Marketing ( in Finland) and working as an Accountant. In western countries, Employer values most the working matter if you are a rocket scientist and you don´t have are ZERO.People here change their field every now and then. Example: A guy working as a Asset accountant and after 2 years he become a Asset consultant and he is just COLLEGE pass..So, try to get a Canadian experience.

I think you need a visa to work in USA if you are PR in Canada. DC can tell you more. Good luck

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Yup, you´ll need a work visa in the US, for your sales/marketing field without solid US/Canadian experience it won´t be very easy to manage a job, then the question of sponsoring your work visa.

People may not not, USA is regarded as a heaven for the professionals, but the fact is most of the US employers do not process work visa for the non-immigrants. Work visa sponsoring is not very staright forward.

Though if you have Canadian or Aussie passport then it would be very easy.

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