Accompanying dependent:will I ever get PR Visa?

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Subject: Accompanying dependent:will I ever get PR Visa?
  I am very much confused here!!My father was processed for permanent residence in canada under the spouse and common law partner class(He was already present in Canada and was sponsored by his wife).His original application was H & C but was admitted to the spousal class under the new public policy.We are five children listed on his in canada application.And I was the ONLY one identified as accompanying on his application.

Medicals,police certificate etc were all requested by the overseas visa office .I personally received a letter from the visa office with my file number and a request to undertake a second medical examination as the previous medicals expired.In the letter it was stated that,I should not make arrangements to travel yet until i have received my permanent visa.The letter was received in June 2007 and the new medicals done in June 2007.

Meanwhile the ecas online status kept on switching between ´in process´ and ´withdrawn´.And currently the online status has been ´withdrawn´ since December 2007.

In April 2008,it was acknowledged on the e-cas message board that,´medicals have been received´.but the status still shows as ´withdrawn´ any way.

Now the primary applicant in the person of my father has landed on the April 21,2008 and has received his PR card.

The problem is my medicals expires in June 13, 2008.yet still i have not received a word from the visa office concerning my file status.
Now my father want to sponsor the rest of my siblings but we are confused if I will have to be sponsored again?So what happened to my earlier application?

is it possible CIC canada did not inform the visa office that the primary applicant has landed now?


I really need some answers as i am totally loosing it here.

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