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Subject: Sponsoring my wife
  Hi there,
I got my pr status 2 years ago as a dependant child of skilled worker immigrant and returned to Iran and because of a condition out of my control (obligatory military service) I couldn´t come back to Canada.I married a girl in Iran.
I returned to canada 2 months ago- just 3 weeks after I finished my obligatory military service- and although I am highly educated, I started an entry level job.
I have already filled my tax returns for 2006 and 2007.
The question is that:
-Can I sponsor my wife to come to Canada now?
-What happens if I lose my job during the process?
-and does showing bank deposits help me to be eligible to sponsor my wife?
Thank you,

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You dont need an income to sponser a spouse or dependant child, so go ahead and send the documents in
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You do not hve to be employed to sponsor your wife. So go ahead file the case buddy.
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