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I have been approved Canadian Immigration and have to send passport to Buffalo before end of June. I have submitted my application for visa renewal in the US as well as my visa will expire in May.

Any idea about how much time i will get before i need to get to Canada? The problem is if i am unable to co-ordinate my travel from US to Canada in such a way that i get my US visa, i will not be able to enter US again.

Please do help me with your opinions.


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your canadian immigrant visa will be valid for one year or the expiry of the passport whicever comes first, so you will be required to land in Canada before the expiry of your immigrant visa or expiry of the passport if expiring in less than a year.
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Visa validity is usually one year from the date of medicals or the validity of passport, whichever is earlier. In general, people only get less than one year duration PR visa.
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I suggest you send your passport towards the end of June, as Samm said, your immigrant visa will be upto say 5-6 months from June, or max end of year.
Now, you need to get your US visa approved before that, take an appointment in the US consulate in Canada and get it stamped before you enter the USA, so plan for that.

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