Police Clearance certificate question..help reqd!!

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Subject: Police Clearance certificate question..help reqd!!
I have applied for Canadian PR thru skilled worker class. I currently reside in US. I have received my medical forms and request for police clearance certificates from India and updated one from US. I have already sent my PCC for me from US and for my husband from India and US initially last year. They are asking them again. I have only 50 more days to respond them with these documents. Please help me with these questions.

- How to get an updated PCC from US - Do we need to go for fingerprinting and follow all the process again?

- For PCC from India - do I need to get only from the consulate or can I ask my parents from India to get me one? As, last time they took 2 months to send me the pcc from the Indian consulate.

- I don´t have the same FBI fingerprint card in the local police station. Is it ok to get the fingerprints done in the card they use for criminal records?
-Can I download one from the FBI site in a paper or is it necessary to print it in a card? If so what type of card should I use?

Please answer all of them and I appreciate your help on this.

Yaana G

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Yes, you have to repeat the finger printing. You have no choice.

From India whichever you can get the fastest, doe not matter.

If you are in US, you go to the police station and tell them that you need FBI clearance and they will do the prints on the appropriate card. If they do not have the card, they should do it on any other card provided they can do the fingerprinting in the same format, FBI requires and write a note that because of the unavailability of the right card they did fingerprinting on other card.

If you are in USA, you can get this card easily, if it is not available in your station, go a bit further and get one. If card is availble for download on FBI´s site then there is a wy that they accept it on paper. Otherwise you can use a card to get a print as well. However, i would suggest that you should do it ina proper way and try to get the card from station.

Thanks and good lucK

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I would recommend that you download the fingerprint card from the FBI site directly instead of one using at the local police station. The card at the local police station is usually for verification from the justice department of that state. And sometimes not the same information is requested as the FBI would need.

You can download FBI fingerprint card (and print it on any printer) from:



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No Roy, i have personnaly gone through this and local police stations have special cards for FBI Clearance and they have different cards for local verification purposes,. Suprisingly, the police would even mention on th card that this is for canadian immigration purposes only. And the local police officer would sign the crad. Even if she gets a print out she will have to go to police station for fingerprinting and identifying herself as applicant and show photo id. So why bother getting a printout when she will go there anyway. But if she cant find the card then she can take a print and take it to police station for fingerprinting.
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First of all, I am Ray not Roy (“A” and “O” are two different alphabets in the English language, causing a word or a name to be pronounced differently).

Secondly, you are not the only one with personal experience for getting finger prints at a police station, others have as well, including myself. I am surprised you think you are the only one with personal experience in these matters. I find your audacity and arrogance quite amusing. Hilarious even.

Thirdly, you may not know this but the United States of America is a very big country with dozens of states (50 to be exact), hundreds of counties and thousands of police jurisdictions. Just because the police station you went to was more organized doesn’t mean that the rest of the country would be as well.

We don’t know where Yaana lives, she may very well be in some hick town in Alabama where the local police chief may not even have heard of Canada (surprisingly, not too far from the truth). But a police officer worth his grain in salt would have heard of the FBI.

Yes Yaana can go and get her finger printed on the correct (if she is lucky) card or an incorrect card. Alternately, she can print out the finger print card along with the FBI instructions from the FBI website and get it done correctly based on the form directly from the FBI website.

As you asked why she should bother getting the form printed from the FBI site. She should bother because then she would know for sure that she is getting it done correctly. Of course, she can always follow your advice and take her chances.

As for your point, “Even if she gets a print out she will have to go to police station for fingerprinting and identifying herself as applicant and show photo id.”…I must say you lost me there. Either way she has to identify herself. I am not sure what your point is.


Ray Masa
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Here comes another rival now. I do not know why you guys take my comments in a neagitive way all the time. Did i ever say that i am the only one with this experience Mr. RAY MASALA...oh Sorry, Mr. Ray Masa. I shared my experience only and provided her different options. You gave her your opinion. Now it is her choice whichever she takes so what is the problem with that. I even mentioned in my first post that if FBI is providing a downloadbe form on the site then defintely there is a possibility that they accept a printout. Otherwise, there is ano reason of providing this facility. In either case she will get the job done. I am surprised that you really know that America is a very big country because i did not know that. I though America is hardly the size of Cuba. So thanks for providing me this useful information.
I did my my fingerprinting in a town where everybody knows each other so you can imagine the size and population of that city. And i must tell you something which you probably do not know that FBI has their offices in ALMOST every town of the country in every state. And America overall is an organized country and in MOST OF THE CASES every police station has this information because FBI clearance is not only required for immigration purposes. I have worked with Michigan Police and before hiring me with the department they did FBI background check. Which clearly tells the importance and involvment of FBI otherwsie Police was able to do this background check in their own database only and hire me. So you can not say that if she is from a some small town where people do not even know about Canada so she wont be able to get it done right. I accept that getting a printout is a good choice however, if the facility is already provided by local police stations then why bother. And she has clearly mentioned her concern about this, she is confused if she should get a printout on paper or the card.
You better see a doctor because my comments do not reflect any sign of arrogance however, i am happy that thay you found them amusing. I am happy that i amused you at least if not convinced. No hard feelings my friend, there is nothing personal here, we are all here to help each other and we must avoid this kind of attitude.

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Yes Mike, from your email it was quite apparent that you didn’t know that America is a big country. BTW, did you know that America also controls a part of Cuba? I mention this only because you stated Cuba in your last email. Since it seems that you need to be educated, I give you that little bit of trivia. You may use that to amuse others.

Also, FBI does not have offices in every town in America. Major cities yes, every town no (they do have offices in lots of towns). However, you did use the word “almost”, so I suppose that gives you a big loophole. If FBI only have offices in lets say 10% of American towns, in your concept that would make it almost. Congratulations on taking the first step to becoming a lawyer.

According to the FBI’s website they have 56 field offices, located in major metropolitan areas, plus about 400 agencies in smaller towns. Mike, your math lesson for the day (if you can add) would tell you that brings the total to somewhere about 456 FBI offices in the US. Source: http://www.fbi.gov/contact/fo/fo.htm (notice this is the FBI website, perhaps you would prefer to get the same information from your local police station, rather than the FBI site directly).

Furthermore, there are 19,429 municipal governments (from the US Census Bureau) in the US (hence that number of towns). Lets see if your math skills are as sharp as your other skills. With less than 500 FBI offices around the country would means less than 3% (that’s three percent) of US towns have FBI offices. I wonder if having stating “ALMOST” would be a big enough loophole to cover your story.

Yes Mike. Michigan Police Department, as would any other police department in the US, would do an FBI background check prior to hiring. Those checks require set of information that are different than those required for immigration purposes. Those checks would depend on many factors (depending on the level of your job responsibilities) which may or may not be relevant for immigration background checks.

Plus, having worked at the Michigan Police Department does not make you an expert in the area, irrespective of what your position was at the Department, unless you were an FBI liaison officer, were you?

Hope today’s lesson in geography, math and logic was sufficient for the day. However, I would also recommend that you take lessons in proper paragraphing of your posts. Your last post wasn’t well formatted in terms of paragraphing.

I do commend you on using words like “almost” to cover any and all eventualities. Perhaps a career in legal profession (or selling used cars) would suit you more than in law enforcement. Law enforcement requires ethical behavior, whereas legal profession does not (actually lack of ethics and morality, is much preferable, hence would work out great for you).

Although, both careers would require professional mannerisms. Which may be a problem for you as you obviously like to make fun of people’s last name (quite unprofessional, but may work in selling used cars). However, that does prove that since you lack information, knowledge, professional mannerisms and experience, you rather throw mud than engage in meaningful discourse.

Do let me know if I can help you with anything else.


Ray Masa
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THAN YOU.....THANK YOU FOR ALL THE INFORMATION. Actually, i was doing a research paper on FBI and i was bit lazy in collecting all the data. You have made my job easier by providing all the information.

It seems to me that you have a lot of free time because you have put a lot Iof efforts in replying my post.....i am convinced and you can get your reward now....OKAY.....


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As usual, you are quite welcome. I am glad that was helpful in your research. When most people give answer on this forum they do so from a position of knowledge. If they don’t know the answer, they either don’t answer, or research it before providing it.

So you are absolutely right, I do have lots of time to help people on the forum. If I don’t have time, I refrain from giving an answer rather than posting an incorrect answer, just so that I can appear to be a know it all.

Perhaps you should do the same Mike. Immigration is a life changing decision. Providing an incorrect answer may delay an application or worse get a negative response. But that doesn’t matter to you as long as you can appear to know everything. Answers that may or may not be true, just throw it out there. Doesn’t matter if someone’s life is screwed.

You may think that giving answer (correct or incorrect) is a lot of fun. And when someone tries to correct you, you simply make fun of them. This only shows your immaturity, lack of knowledge and unprofessionalism. Based on your attitude, I seriously doubt your claim that you are an ex-law enforcement officer. A police wannabe, mall security guard perhaps, but not a police officer.

I also doubt that you are doing a research paper on FBI. Apart from the fact that you yourself agree that you are lazy. Your responses and the manner of your responses also show that you are quite uneducated. Research papers are usually not written by uneducated people.


Ray Masa
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LOL..................I am amused. Thank you for free amusement Mr. RAY MASALA. BTW I do not have to prove to you who i am or who i was. Whether i was a police officer or mall security guard, it does not matter. At least i am/was not a GOOFY like you are. So enjoy my friend, i have no business with you, and do not forget to see a doctor ASAP.

BTW are YOU RAY MASALA OR RO or SHA or may be RA or may be someone else. Whoever you are, just STOP BARKING........BECAUSE I HAVE NO FUCKIN BUSINESS WITH YOU

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at 21 you could not be much of an Ex-anything!

may I suggest that if you cannot find a way to control your language and your civility your life here may be short.