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Subject: Sponsor a common law partner
  Can anyone give an advice on sponsoring my common law partner... she´s in the philippines with our 3 yr old daughter and her 2 child from previous relationship. My Question is can I sponsor them including her 2 child? Adoption I think is not possible because I don´t earn enough money to do that plus I also support my 2 child in canada from my ex-wife (we´re divorced).

What is the best thing to do?

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Normally you will not be subject to the minimum income requirement,but an immigration officer may still refuse the case if he/she do not think proper financial arrangements are in place to support the family members.

Amir Shuval CCIC


Amir Shuval
Yes you can, hopefully this provides you with more information. (in reply to: Sponsor a common law partner)
You can sponsor your wife as a common law patner, you will need to prove your relationship is genuine and ongoing. Also to qualify as Common Law partners you will have to live together for 12 months continuous. You will need to have proof of this, joint lease, rent receipts etc and show you have intermingled your affairs, Joint bank acct,major purchases together etc. All this information is available on this site.


As far as your children go, you can sponsor them also as accompanying dependants,however your wifes to children from a previous relationship will require a letter from their bilogical father giving them permission to leave the Philippines.

The amount of income required to sponsor a family is as shown below. I hope this is of some help to you.

Size of Family Unit Minimum necessary income
1 Person (the Sponsor) $21,202
2 Persons $26,396
3 Persons $32,450
4 Persons $39,399
5 Persons $44,686
6 Persons $50,397
7 Persons $56,110
Each additional person $5,713

If the Sponsor is unable to demonstrate a financial ability to provide for essential needs, his or her spouse, common-law partner, or conjugal partner may act as a co-signer, if:

Their combined income meets the minimum necessary income; and
The co-signer meets all the other sponsorship requirements of a valid Sponsor.


mr. magoo

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