asylum... maybe? Or an immigrant visa?

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Subject: asylum... maybe? Or an immigrant visa?
  My boyfriend(32) and I(35) are both HIV+. We?ve been in a gay-relationship for quite some time now. The region that we live in (South-East Europe) does not recognize gay rights, gay-relationships (not to mention a gay-marriage), plus HIV positive persons are being discriminated on every possible field. We are wondering if it´s possible to seek asylum based on these facts. What are our chances? If not seeking the asylum, then the chances for an immigrant visa with the HIV+ status?
Thank you all in advance.

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Mike, keep the sermons to yourself. Your comments are hateful. If you are not prepared to accept gay rights, what on earth are you coming to Canada for?

B.V. - your health status is going to create some problems because of its potential strain on the Canadian Health system. I understand HIV is a different disease than it was 10 years ago but there are still significant costs to keeping you healthy.

Roy may have other advice but I would be inclined to give it a try. The worst that can happen is a no response which is the same as not trying at all.

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