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Subject: Ten Percent?
  Indiana wants Hillary!


The age is something that makes it very logical that this is Hillary´s one chance at the white house.

Clinton´s speech was super!

While Obama´s speech was well ...what was that?

I waited and waited for someone here to say Obama, Obama, Obama but where is Richard?

How come no one commented on Harper interfering with the US primary´s again? Did everyone miss his comments in New Orleans regarding NAFTA and Obama & Clinton wanting to revisit NAFTA?

Obama has two choices only!

Go back to Chicago and say PRESENT or unify the Democrats by being Vice President. The polls clearly show that Obama supporters would support Hillary if she becomes the nominee. Very few of Hillary´s supporters would vote for Obama if he is the Democratic Nominee which leaves it open for four more years of a G. W. Clone.

YES YOU CAN keep going Hillary.


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You are right, Roy. Obama is not going to make it and even if he beats clinton he will DEFINTELY be beaten by republicans. 100% guarnteed, mark my words. If clinton becomes a nominee then there would a very tough competition but i still smell the success of republicans agains clinton. Don´t know why, but i can tell that Rupliocans will make the government again.
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I guess I watched different speeches.

I am not sure where Richard is, but there is not much point to discuss something where there is no room for discussion.

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It´s like Roy and Mike are living on another planet or country. What a minute, they are.

Like Sharon, I also saw different speeches. Hillary´s comes across as shrill, arrogant, and self-congratulatory. Obama´s as self-effacing, fresh, and visionary.

The facts are the facts, folks:

Obama has more pledged delegates, overall delegates, popular votes, and contests won (double the number). Statistically, it´s impossible for Hillary to catch up.

Hillary´s negatives are approaching 60%. Unheard for anyone who hopes to be successful in the general election. There´s
a huge group of voters who are so turned off by her, that her nomination could doom the Democrats in the general. She pulls in few independents and almost no Republican crossovers. Obama, on the other hand, attracts a majority of independents and huge numbers of Republican voters.

Not only will Obama get the nomination as he rightly should, he´ll have no problem defeating Grandpa Munster McCain, who would be the oldest president in American History. A man also known as McBush, he would continue the failed Iraq War, economic policies, and lack of affordable universal health care in America.

Do you guys really believe that the continuation of one of the two alternating dynastic families with their outdated views and approaches is what America needs or wants? C´mon, get real guys. Maybe it hasn´t yet completely thawed yet up there in your whereabouts.

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Lets talk again Richard after Indiana.

I feel Indiana is the state that will really turn the tide (pun) Money will be a huge problem and its only two weeks.

You think Mike and I are in a dream world and we think the same of Obama people. I love your McBush comment.

I believe one thing that either would be far superior then GrandPa Munster. LOL

The voters and super delegates will decide but Clinton with Obama as VP would unify the party. Who knows how long either will live.

Obama can continue in four years I can´t see Hillary wanting to miss out on Grand Kids and with the money little Chelsea has, it is real soon nesting time for her.

Just teasing Richard.


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This was a crucial victory for Hillary, even though her supporters say that she would have continued if she had hypothetically lost in Penn.... duh... I don´t think so !!
May will be big, and no one seems to be anywhere close to being the popular choice, and Roy where did you get this from....
"The polls clearly show that Obama supporters would support Hillary if she becomes the nominee. Very few of Hillary´s supporters would vote for Obama if he is the Democratic Nominee"

Richard, I have to agree Roy and Mike seem to be totally in tune with each other (not just on this thread), almost like they are the same person.... so is that really 2 votes for Hillary ??? ... LOL !!

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although Idealy Obama and Hillary should work together its very unlikely to happen i mean they have build up so much "hate" on each other neither one would be able to work under the other.. Imagine if you are competing for a job with someone else and now you have to work under him/her F that..

WHat i understand is that if Obama goes for it he will Have Bill Richardson as Vicepresident (not officialy but it looks that way) and im not sure who will Hillary elect.

in the end either one is waaay better than Juan McCain

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Great people think alike, don´t you know that Raj.
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Of course Roy.
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Lolllll Raj! You are funny!
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Lol...........you are funny, no doubt about it. I wish i was Roy and handle my dad´s application without paying a fee to any consultant or lawyer. Anyway, can´t blame you because your name clearly represents your mental level. So no hard feelings Mr. Raj Kumar from Bhojpur Tamatar Wala, Bandook Wala or Sabun Wala may be....hehehehehehehe:) Chill out