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  I am a Canadian in love with a man from Trinidad. We are planning to get married this summer while he is visiting. I know that he will go home and we will apply for him to come back. Me worry is that i am medically unable to work and have been fighting for a disability pension for the last 2 years. Unfortunately i have had to rely on Ontario Works (welfare) to support my children and myself during this process. Will this harm us in anyway?
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If i am not wrong, you do not have to be working or employed for spousal sponsorship. And secondly, you can convince them that after your husband comes and joins you he might help you get off the welfare by finding employment supporting you. Wish you good luck!
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While on welfare you are not eligible to sponsor your future husband. Income is not an issue but welfare is. ODSP is not an issue.


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What would you suggest. I am hoping my appeal will be done by this time. I really want him here with me.
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