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Subject: Company transfer from the US
  I am a US citizen working for a multi-national corporation. My fiancee is from Quebec and is begining her Masters program in Montreal. I´ve secured a transfer to our Montreal office and I´m a bit confused about the temporary work visa. On the Canadian Immigration site it says that I must apply before I go up there; but the Canadian Customs and Border site makes it sound like they will issue a one-year work-visa at the port of entry as long as I have an offer letter from the office in Montreal. So which is it?
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If i am not wrong, the immigration site gives general information, and there must be something different for US citizens as it is for Canadian citizens who when get a job enter US on TN visa not on H-1. So in that case there could be a possibility that you get a stamp at the port of entry. Or you may call CIC Call Centre (although not very reliabel they are) but still you can get some basic idea. Or just wait and may be some expert on this forum may help answer your question. Good Luck!
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