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Subject: Medical
  Hi ,

I was asked by Canadian immigration to appear for IETS exam and they also advised me to score minim score ( 7.5/7/6/6) and submit the result by March 15.
I did not score as per their requirement. So I did not submit the score in month of March Then I thought to reappear exam in the month of June ?08.

In the mean time I got a letterform Canadian immigration , the letter as follows
?Congratulations! We have received your Medical Papers from the Canadian Consulate General,Buffalo, pertaining to your Application for Permanent Residence in Canada. The concerned visa officer has made a preliminary review of your file and has decided that interview is not required in your case. However, the visa officer has asked for the following additional documents to be submitted to the Canadian Consulate General, within 90 days from their letter dated Apr 02´ 2008.
I am wondering do I still need to appear for IETS exam to get their asking score or I can submit all the document as per second letter without IELTS score ?

It would be nice if you could give some valuable suggestion ?????

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I would suggest that you when you submitt addition requested documents just slip in your new IELETS test score as well. Because you never know when things get ugly and you receive another surprise. Look, this is a surprsie information for you, right. So you can expect another surprsie as well.

One more thing, i would never delay to submitt the required documents when a deadline is mentioned and IF i can not submitt the documents on or before the deadline, i would inform visa office the reason for dealy and give them approximate time for submission. Remember, immigration is a sytematic process and you may come across some unexpected situations if you take things so easily.

So be careful and submitt the IELETS score as per their initial request. But to still dodge the evil and take my chances with 2nd letter, i would submitt the IELETS along with other additional documents as per their request. In this case, you are doing your job and they might take it as something which was not required but you submitted so it wont hurt. Later on you can also say that you have submitted the new IELETS score, if they ask something about it.

Choice is yours. Good Luck!

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Thanks a lot for your information
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