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Subject: Getting married ! need advise
I´m a canadian citizen and my girlfriend is a british citizen. We are planning to get married soon. I just have couple of questions. If she comes here with a visitor visa, can we get married here ? what are the requirements ? we´re planning to live together next year, but we still don´t know if she´s coming here or if I should go there. Which one is easier ? applying for canadian or british immigration ? and is it better to apply while she is here ? or is it better for her to go back to england and apply from there. I appriciate it if someone could answer my questions :)

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So you want the best of both worlds.

The fastest processing is outside of Canada through London. An Inland application can turn into a nightmare and can not be appealed!

A marriage is a marriage as long as it is recognized in the country performed. To get married in most provinces two pieces of government ID is required and proof of any previous divorces.

50% of spousal sponsorships are processed in London within (4) months
add an additional month to approve you as a sponsor by Mississauga CPC. SO FIVE-SIX MONTHS

So if your organized (unlike most grooms) and have everything ready prior to the marriage you could have the best of both worlds. That is not as easy as some would like you to believe.

The problem is proving the marriage. Having a marriage certificate is not sufficient.

Lets say it is both your first marriage it should take place in her home town. Some of your friends and family should attend.

If you decide to get married here some of her friends should attend.

If the applicant has her proof of no convictions and her medical she could spend time with you in Canada during the processing if done correctly.

SHE WOULD HAVE TO APPEAR TO BE (ONLY) A VISITOR AT THE PORT OF ENTRY. That means she does not arrive with too much luggage nor all of the pets and pots and pans. The schedule one IMM 008 would only show her residential address in UK because she would be a visitor here RIGHT!

Focus on proving the relationship to be genuine. No stupid intimate photos they will backfire.



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Roy is right buddy so take his advice. It shouldn´t be a question that going to UK or coming to Canada is easier or difficult. You have bothe the options and you have to decide if you want to live in UK or Canada. If you are really married and you can prove it then it wont be difficult to get PR in any of the countries: UK or Canada. So think about it and make the right move. Good luck with your future plans.
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