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  Hi this is ashish , i would like to know what is the meaning of immigration in canada becouse my cousin brother is in canada right now and he is about to finish immigration procedure within a month , so what will be the rights will he enjoy after geeting the immigration of canada and for how many years he will have to stay in canada after geeting the immigration from canada to fullfill is immigeration status and after geeting the immigeration will he be eligible for citizenship or he will have to wait for many years , if yes then how many years after geeting immigeration he will get the citizenship .

Thanks in advance whoever reply

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I am not an expert but I would like to answer some of your questions:
Once someone´s immigration application is accepted he/she becomes a permanent resident of Canada. He enjoys the same rights as a Canadian citizen except the right to vote. After living for three years in Canada he/she can become citizen.
Go the official website of immigration and you will find trustworthy answers to your questions.
Good luck

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Can you give me information about immigeration to Canada
ertan G?LER
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Dear Sir
How I can know that I am eligible for canadian immigeration?

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