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Subject: H&C File Transferred to Scarborough Office
  I just checked my dad´s application status with CIC Call Centre and they told me that his file has been transferred to local office in Scarborough. I submiited his application in around October-November 2007; later they asked for Financial Evaluation IMM 1283 that i submitted more than a month ago.

So what do you expert say, what could be the next OR there is any strategy to speed up the process. I think transferring file to local office means, he did not get FIRST Stage Approval. AM I RIGHT? OR I CAN STILL HOPE FOR FIRST STAGE APPROVAL. CIC Call Centre tells me that that they have not yet opened my later submission (Financial Evaluation)and CIC Alberta will give comments only when they open the documents, which is going to take another 2 months, as per Call Centre.

Any input shall be highly appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

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