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Subject: Urgent Tax Return Situation
I am from Nepal. I worked in one private company for more than 2 years in Nepal.
I have done my medical, waved my interview.
Right now I am in US and, Buffalo just asks for W2 Tax Return from Nepal.
In Nepal we don?t have tax return systems, the company deducted from my source.
And last time I send the letter from my employer to Buffalo Consulate office, and it explained ??I was regularly paying my taxes to the Nepal Government, the said taxes being deducted at source.??

Buffalo Consulate office; still want the tax returns year 2004,2005,2006, for this situation what should I do, how should I convince them?

Help Me please


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In your case, your company used to deduct tax from your salary; your pay stubs should show the itemized deductions (say 1000$ deduction for tax) or something like that. That should be good, if you still can find the older pay stubs.
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