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Subject: About Immigration process
  Respected Everybody

I have applied for Cannadian Immigration, and i my application is in process and i have been asked to Show Bank Balance of around 15 USD since we have applied two people me and my wife, but i would like to ask i dont have so much Bank Balance in my Bank neither i have any bonds but all i have is my apartment and my car... So in this case my Bank Balance i have will be around 3000 USD so pls can any one tell me how much impact will this have to get my Cannadian immigration visa........ and if any other tips are there who has undergone this process pls let me knw


how to migrate (in reply to: About Immigration process)
am a widow in Kenya and would like to migrate with my son kindly advice me on what to do? At the same time l have no much money.

Essie Nyanganyi Sarange Bwombuna
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First of all if you have applied for Canadian Immg., for 2 people (you & your wife) & no kids, then you need CAD $12,659 (canadian dollars & USD.

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