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Subject: Sponsoring Wife -- Sharon HELP!
  Hi there,

I was in canada for about a 40-45 days time as permanent resident and got my PR card and came back to India as my marriage was scheduled and since then i am in india. Please let me know that if we can get our case processed while staying in India and take her along with me to canada or can she get any temporary VISA if not then how much time it would take from CPC mississauga to get her permanent residency.

Parampreet Walia

Parampreet Walia
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If you lie and are caught you could loose your PR status. You need to provide more detail as to lenght of time you have already been in India etc. to answer clearly.


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you cannot sponsor your wife from outside Canada. She would have to fully disclose her marital status when applying for a Visitors Visa which would most likely be denied.

As Roy says, you need to clarify how long you have been in India and whether you meet the residency requirements to retain your PR status. Was your marriage after you landed- sounds like it was.

You will also need to establish your residency in Canada before you are free to sponsor your wife. How long after you send in your documents - 6 months appears to be average for India.

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