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  The businesses we own also have a "goodwill" factor. Is that included in net worth. The value of the business itself not the property or inventory. How do we prove that?

As directed I am on the site right now. The three Quebec business people programs do not require an exploratory visit(not compulsory).. that is what I understand, is that correct? Have you had approvals FOR THE QUEBEC business programs without an exploratory visit.

Gas stations.... thats what we have knack for... are gas station operators successful there?? Would Quebec be a good option?

For the federal enterpreneur program the wait can be lke 3 yrs, so does a basic application have to be submitted now or the whole 9 yards? Thank you. You guyz are very helpful.

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You could include the business´ goodwill as part of the company´s market value. But if you need that market value to qualify, I would strongly suggest you get an independent business performance appraisal completed by an accounting firm. That can cost quite a bit of money though.

Before doing that, you may want to look at your company´s financial statements, and see whether the property is stated at the book value (ie. the purchase price) or today´s market value. If so, get your books prepared again, based on today´s value.

For Quebec, exploratory visit isn´t required.

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