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Subject: IELTS Request
  Hi all,

I´ve just received a letter from CIC Rome asking for IELTS results to be handed in bi 18/09/07 otherwise our application will be refused. That doesn´t give us much time or choice if there are no seats for the exam....
Is it good-bye for Canada after a two year wait? What a waste..


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We are in October, how could you have received a letter that asked you to provide results by Sept. 18 ?? It does not make sense.

Send a letter to the CIC explaining that you intend to take the test on XYZ date and provide a document that attests so and then send results. I am sure they know it takes time.

dont worry (in reply to: IELTS Request)
Same thing happend to me also. then i send an email explaining the reason and request for extension to take exam. they told that they will wait until i complete the test and send them result.

After i get result while i am sending the score to CIC i sent the CIC email approval response along with that. they did consider it and i got my PR in May 2006.

I landed Dec 2006 and become Canadian PR. Wish you all the best


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