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Subject: straight answer please!!
  I have called that 1-888 number on the guide soooo many times and got so many different answers that my head is spinning.
common law hubby (from England) and I (the Canadian) have documents prooving our relationhip is real and he is on a bunac work permit. WE are sending away application to change conditions, extend stay or remain in canada IMM1249 and its for an initial work permit (OPEN) along with applying for PR in Canada common-law class.
now his permit now expired May 2/08 and he is the main provider for our family (we have a 13 mth old daughter together) I´ve been told once that I could send this application to Missauga Ontario and its a faster processing time BUT if we need to do an interview it would have to be in London UK as opposed to sending it to vegraville which takes ages for it to even be assigned to anyone. Now someone else on the helpline said to send it to vegraville because if we cant, that it´s not even an option because we´d need different forms. and IF we did and it wasnt approved in principle by his expiary date of may2nd then we´d need to go to my husbands Human resourses department for a labour market approval....which he may not even get because hes not a skilled trade which means the whole process is wasted and my husband cant work because he has no SIN number therfore us being totally screwed. what really do I do?? it seems like no one knows EXACTLY what I should be doing. All we want is for my husband to be able to continue in his job that he likes and gets well paid in and to have his work permit sorted out by May 2nd. Is this possible??
thank you for anyone who is replying. I really hope we can get this figured out.

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Straight answer, its commons sense to apply In Land and do not worry about him ending up out of status. Calm down and understand the two of you need to stay together.

Prove your relationship really well and all will be alright. Just because you live together you will have to fill in the Common Law for and get it certified etc.

Lease, joint accounts, life insurance etc and make sure your child´s statement of live birth long form is included.

Don´t you just hate those people who read the computer screens in Montreal.


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Thanks Roy. You have Helped Ryan and I before. I remember you. And thats all I want is for us to stay together. This is just such a up hill struggle and by up hill I mean like full on vertical climbing.
We have lots to proof like joint account, lease and I´m not sure what you mean by statement of live birthlong form... do you mean birth certificate with me and Ryan as the parents? IF so we have that but its British..i dont think that will matter.

Is there any reason you can think of as to why it would be delayed or sent back to us? just so I can cover all bases and make sure that this gets done properly?

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I have handled these cases before. You should file your application in Canada, (Vegreville) and also include an application for a Work Permit. This way, when your husband´s BUNAC WP expires, he will still be in status and still be allowed to work under Regulation 183 (5) and (6), which states that applicants remain in their same status (5) with the same conditions (6) until their application is processed, Thsi is because BUNAC is the Program Name that he is in, but "Open Work Permit Holder" is his status. He can even change jobs, as long as the conditions on his WP remain the same. The whole process is taking 12-15 months. If anyone questions you, I have written confirmation from senior management at Vegreville that this is correct.
If you are a little adventuresome, and if your file is ready to go now, processing through Mississauga/London is taking beween 4.5 months and 9 months. If it was not complete by the time your BUNAC WP expires, then your husband would have to stop working. On the other hand, he could have his PR by March.

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