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Subject: Returning to Canada
I landed in Canada in 2003 and left to the US a few months later. I would like to return finally. Will I rescreened or readjucated on arrival? What can I do to avoid any unnecessay risks or hassles? Please advise.



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By the way, I have my SIN and PR Card.

Thanks Once again

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since 2003, how many months have you resided in Canada? You need 2 years of residency before 2008 (the 5 year mark of your landing). If you can´t do that, you have a serious problem with your PR card.
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I had a job here in the US and I couldn´t readily find job with I was there in Canada. I am ready to move back to Canada finally. What can I do to comply with the laws? What are the remedies? How do I do to remain in compliance. Please help.


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Here is no excuse; by the law if you don´t comply the 2 out of 5 years law you lose your PR status.

However, if you arrive well ahead of the exiration of your PR card, it wouldn´t be easy for the CIC official to determine your status losing, you may get away with this. I know many guys got away with that..


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