Medicals Issue.....Please Advice....Gurus Please..

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Subject: Medicals Issue.....Please Advice....Gurus Please..
  Hi all

I emailed the buffalo office to enquire about the status of my application as it already had been 2 months since I sent in my medicals and the landing fee etc. Basically I asked them when should I expect the passport port request.(They received everything on Aug 1, 2007, according to Fedex tracking).

And the reply was "the medical for your spouse is still pending". Yes, thats all the reply was.

Now, this is making me very worried, since all the medicals went in one packet, according to their response to my email they have all of them but my wife´s medical.

My question to you all is, do they or should they process all the medicals at the same time or is it possible that they process whatever they can get their hands on to. With their reply, I cant even tell if they even got it or not or lost it or something. I checked the with DMP and according to him he sent everything in one packet.

I have emailed the buffalo office again and requested for a little detailed response. I also called the buffalo office but they cannot answer any questions over the phone and asked me to email. Is there anything I can do to find more about the situation.

Thanks for all you guy´s help.


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This gets me worried about my case but what I would do if I were you:

it is possible (hopefully not) that they have lost your wife´s medicals (especially if you are certain that the doctor´s office sent ALL forms).

Therefore I would contact the doctor´s office and would request, explaining the situation if they can send a copy of your wife´s medical again.

Another possibility could be a problem in your wife´s medical but the doctor should tell you about it if there is something wrong.

"pending" may mean many things. It is a good idea to email them if they respond to you and try to find out what they need.

Others in this forum may have other suggestions.

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Try sending fax at this number:1 613 941 5043. Do not forget to include your file number, date of birth, name, etc. Also, include your email address and contact number.

You can try calling these numbers:1-613-941-6641 1-613-941-2170. You may or may not get through but worth a try.

You should contact Ottawa after 8 weeks from the date they received the medicals.

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Thanks guys for your reply. I did call one of those numbers and although they dont take calls from public, but the lady was kind enough, she did tell me that she can see 5 medicals on her system under my file no, which means I am we are 5 including my wife, she also said that they do process the results individually.

But on the other hand I got the email back from Buffalo saying "pending" means that they have not received it (Y cant they give a little detailed response). Anyway I have emailed them again requesting a little more detailed explanation of it. But I am not expecting a reply from them till about tuesday as Monday is a holiday in Canada. (there goes my weekend down the drain). So I guess I will have to wait and see what thier answer is going to be. I will also fax them on Tuesday.

But thanks again guys.

If there are others who can shed some light on this issue, you are welcome to do so ....


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Hi Raza,
Put yor mind at rest, the medical is now in the system. Ottawa proccess medical individually, either it comes in one envelope or not. I have the same problem just like this. Buffalo won´t reply you again. Your PR and passport request is on the way. Check your E-case on tuesday.

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i have got a letter from visa office for medicals and landing fees. But problem is my whole family is not together and in case of kids it is not possible to carry out the medicals before the required date. Please advice what happens can I postpone for 3 months and get it all done in dec together. very tenss help guru



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Thanks for ur reply Mimi...I hope u r right....I keep my fingers crossed...


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i was also in the same situation, but after three months they asked remedicals for my wife. because her x-ray is abnormal, you may expect remedicals.
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