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Subject: what visa should i apply???
  hello....i am a filipina and have a canadian fiance.......as what i´ve heard in Canada they don´t have fiance visa only tourist and spouse visa....we are planning to get marry in Canada before we do the formal wedding here in the Philippines...i was thinking that if apply a visa in Canada i should use the tourist visa....i would like to ask if he can possibly sponsor me being single in Canada without requiring me the bank accounts, vehicle & land property etc.?do i have possible chance to be approve by canada immigration or canadian embassy???thank you
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We have the same problem...me too getting confused on how, when and what will be the papers i´d be needing. What should my bf and i has to apply. He´s doing the stuff of paper works there and i am here...waiting. Kinda boring and i want to help him with this things. Need some help guys...pls.
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getting in to Canada for a wedding is harder than you think. You will have to prove beyond any doubt that you will be going back home. Assume they will not believe you. Count on it.

If you can avoid saying you are coming for a wedding without lying that would help your chances but DO NOT LIE. The will want to see that you have ties to home - bank account, property, family, job and you need a written invitation to come. There is a sample invitation on the CIC website.

good luck

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iam a filipina and i have a canadian fiancee.. as what i have heard that theres no fiancee visa for canada.. since we are planning to get marry in canada before here in philippines; my questions are what kind of visa should we apply since there´s no fiancee visa? if we apply the immigrant visa how long it will take the processing? and what are the requirements needed for this immigrant visa? or what about the spouse visa? please advise us for we are planning to go to canada as soon as possible thank u
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Hi Im a student citizen of Bangladesh,presently doing my higher study in south africa. I have found Canadian Immigration Assistance Services boucher address is Box 5950 Station Don Mills, Toranto ONT Canada M3C 3X4 and fax(416) 502-0773. I would like to know is that firm real and does the really a legal firm to help peoples coz thjey requiring $120 for assistance. if real which catagory should i apply for a canadian visa.

I look forward to hear from you soon.
Harun Bhuyan

Mhar. Bhuyan
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be careful.
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HiI am Cathy, a filipina. I have a bf from Canada and we would like to get married inhs country. We haven´t met yet in person but he´s so close with my famly sending package, letters. am jusasking your help wht wold be the best way for him to get me the spouse visa cos h wants to sponsor me ad how ong will it take what are the requirements for that? Or is it eayf we´ll get married in tnhe Philippines? I don´t have my own property just savings in the bank can he easily get me? I ope for your quick response thanks allot
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