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Subject: Family based immigration
  1. Are landed permanent residents allowed to sponser a family member for immigration to Canada?
2. If yes, can they sponser only parents and/or brother & sisters too?
3. Is their an age-limit upto which an unmarried brother or sister can be sponsered?
Your reply & advice is sincerely appreciated. Thanks,

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In theory PR can sponsor a family member see

No you can sponsor other FC members see the manuals I believe OP2 section 5.24 or index One other family member.

Age limit does not matter if you meet the requirements of the regulations. Good Luck


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Is not there is age limit for unmarried brothers/sisters?

I knew it was, If above 21, then they need to be full time students till getiing the immigration.

Is this changed recently with no age limit?

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Regardless of age!!!!!
OP2 section 5.24

Sponsors who do not have a living spouse or common-law partner, conjugal partner, a son or
daughter, father, mother, grandparent, brother, sister, uncle, aunt, nephew or niece, who is a
Canadian citizen or a permanent resident, or any relative or family member who can be
sponsored as a member of the family class, may sponsor one relative regardless of age or
relationship (anyone connected by blood or adoption).

Sponsors submit information concerning family members and relatives on the Family Information
Sheet. If a chosen relative is inadmissible, the sponsor may choose another relative.


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I listed my parents and sister as relative on family info´ sheet. If my parents do not wish to immigrate, can I sponser my sister?
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Interesting Roy.

So far I understand it is valid to sponsor ONLY 1 member regardless of age limit. Isn´t it?

And the sponsor has to be somewhat lonely in Canada; with no husband/wife, bro/sis....? Is that correct?
If so, then it is very limited in use.

Please let me know.

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Departed Canadian,
You are correct, it is very limited in use or NOT IN USE AT ALL. They should delete this regulation, it is not realistic.

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Thanks for the clarification.

One of my friend in Canada has 5 family members (mom and 4 bro/sis, all married). They have only one remaining family member back home who is 40 years now & married. They heard from somewhere that if they declare him as the last peson they would like to sponsor then it is possible disregarding age/marital status.

Apparently it is the rule which you are talking about. Which means they can´t do that.

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