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  Hi Sharon,

I´ve been visiting this forum for a while, and think you are a great supporter.

This is to say thanks, and answer your question.

Someboday said:
>I would be worried more about getting the Visa. Providing US address is >nothing more than a formality. You can give any address of Seatle or the >city you are visiting...use friend/relative...

Yes. I am from a 3rd world country. I applied for a US visa a year ago from Japan, with my Canadian friend´s invitation and letter of recommendation, and got a multiple entry one. I used my friend´s address in NY, but I think it doesn´t matter if you use your friend´s or some motel´s.

Don´t worry. Applying for a US visa is not that big a deal. Your guy needs to prove the embassy that he will leave the US after your trip, which he already did twice.

I went to ON from NY, driving through the border (the one near 1000 islands and St Lawrense River). Then I came back to the US from Toronto by Amtrak. The official on the train did ask me where I stayed, but dit not ask me to show here my air ticket back home in Japan. They seemed not to have time thinking too much about my case. It´s just formality, and as long as your guy don´t leave any room for suspicion, then that´s fine.

For me it was much harder to apply for a Canadian visa in Tokyo. I got rejected twice, because I was honest and told them my aunt lived in Toronto. When I was in NY, my Canadian American friend took me to Canadian consulate on 6th Avenue, joined the interview, said "Im from Toronto. This person is like my child".

Don´t hasitate to lie if you have to, as long as it means no harm. Join the interview with your guy and tell them you are his sponsor. That will help.

My best,


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