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  I am getting ready to send my passports for stamping. Our photos have our full names written on the back of each of them. In the PPR letter they mentioned that we need to write the date the photo were taken on the back of one copy but nothing was mentioned about names. Did you guys send the photo with the name written on them or not. Do you think these will work or do i need to change anything. Detroit office.

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Just follow the instructions!
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Which office did you receive PPR from? Just curious. I received from Buffalo. Their instructions do not say to write name or date behind photographs. As a precaution anyway, I´m writing Name behind photographs so they don´t loose them (lets´ hope so :)
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Detroit Office
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I wrote name and DOB on photographs and they still managed to lose my spouse photos!!

That was in Buffalo so it doesn´t matter what you do.

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