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Subject: PPR request
HI all i got PPR request today. Is it ok if i go to CIC seattle and get the stamping done in one day rather waiting 2-3 weeks. Is it safe??
if anyone has done this please suggest me something...will there be any one to one meeting??

CIC Seattle (in reply to: PPR request)
Not sure exactly... but I do know that if you go to the CIC Seattle, and talk to someone in a booth (rather than at the window, it´s noisey) they are SUPER HELPFUL!!! you should be prepared to wait about an hour!
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i got ppr in this friday in u.s.a but my son is india his grand parents .in my question i have to get his passport india to hear and submit with along my passport to visa office in u.s.a that is my question plase give me some advice thank u


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