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Subject: For Richard- US to Canada Move Continue

I don´t understand the problem of praying for any country. It is not asking God to be partial. Radical would be to pray for destruction of someone or some country. Isn´t it? God Bless America or God Bless Canada/Australia all are equally welcome.

Why I still show up here? Because being an immigrant for 3 times I have great interest about immigration. Everyday I learn many things, sometimes try to help as much as I can. Particularly if anyone gives false or misleading information I try to correct as much as I can.

We both agree on our main points; less job in Canada or money hungry US health care. So equation is balanced. However, I have serious objection in your terminology of "Little More Effort". You know my story already. Now have a look at the resume below: an immigrant to citizen in Canada whom I met in another site and currently trying to help him to find a job. He got his MS in Civil Engineering from University of New Burnswick and since then has been driving Taxi cab in Canada.


? An Entry Level Civil Engineer position in the US


? University degree in Civil and Environmental
Engineering with extensive practically oriented
coursework and project work in Civil Engineering
? Strong desire to start in an intern / trainee
? Willing to learn new skills and excel in my career ?
will be an asset to your company
? Plan on taking the US EIT Exam
? Experience in groundwater modeling (using GMS)
gained during graduate degree program at high-ranked
Canadian graduate school ? remediation engineering
experience gained during graduate degree project ?
design of a remediation system for a contaminated area
? Experience in Geotechnical Engineering ? experience
with field drilling activities and writing
geotechnical investigation reports
? Experience in the design of a water distribution
? Experience in designing the structural elements of
low rise buildings
? Knowledge of various engineering and scientific
? Will be able to perform desktop studies
? Will be able to collect and present data
? A valid full Canadian (Ontario G) Driver?s License
(readily exchangeable with driver?s licenses of all
states of the US)
? Excellent report wiring skills
? Good analytical, problem-solving, project
management, and organizational skills
? Strong written and spoken communication skills
? Open to interviewing and relocation
? Desired work location: US
? Willing to learn new skills and techniques as



? Courses at graduate level: Environmental Project
(Groundwater Remediation Engineering), Environmental
Sampling and Pollutant Analysis, Environmental Risk
Assessment, Advanced Wastewater Treatment,
Environmental Impact of Offshore Operations, Earth and
Ocean Systems, Applied Ecology, Environmental Impact
Assessment / Conservation of Natural Resources
? Courses and laboratory work at undergraduate level:
Civil Engineering Drawing, Surveying, Engineering
Mechanics, Computer Programming, Engineering
Materials, Engineering Geology, Applied Electricity,
Mechanical Technology, Mathematics, Numerical
Analysis, Theory of Structures, Strength of Materials,
Fluid Mechanics, Soil Mechanics, Hydrology, Building
Construction & Drawing, Introduction to Architecture &
Town Planning, Plain & Reinforced Concrete, Steel
Structures, Civil Engineering Practice, Irrigation
Engineering, Structural Engineering, Highway Runway &
Railway Engineering, Hydraulic Engineering, Pavements
and Foundations, Public Health Engineering, Design of
Structures, Civil Engineering Project


MS Environmental Engineering (2002)
University of New Brunswick
Fredericton, NB, Canada

BS Civil Engineering (2000)
University of Engineering & Technology
Lahore, Pakistan


? 01/2003 ? Present
Taxi Driver
Toronto, ON

Richard, to you job finding may be little difficult, but for us from Asia, no matter the qualifications, it is near to impossible. My apology in advance if I hurt you by any way.

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I have a chat pal who lives in US. Her income is in the $110,000 range. We compared her take home pay after medical insurance premiums, against my income less medical expenses and insurance premiums.

I take home more money than she does and make a heck of a lot less.

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I agree with you Sharon. No defense for the US health insurance robbers. That´s why comapring US/Canada I don´t care much about high Taxation of Canada which everybody mention.
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Departed Canadian (Shah),

I appreciate your reply to me. I always respect your views and opinions here, as they´re always very well written and thought out, whether I agree or not. Please accept my appology for questioning why you´re here, as all views should always be welcome, especially from one who´s gone through the experience.

Yes, your friend´s resume is quite impressive, and it has to be most disappointing for him not to find a position in his profession in Canada. I have to agree that racism plays a part in hiring, both in Canada and the U.S. It may be more difficult these days for some Asians, especially from specific countries, due to the current atmosphere and fears people have. That is a problem.

But again, Canada has different pluses and minuses than the U.S. I´m sure you´ll agree. One just has to decide which country´s positives are more important, as CBV has said earlier. In my case it is Canada, as it fits my comfort level in politics, social structure, and attitude. I find myself alienated and irritated by U.S. attitides toward its own people and the rest of the world.

As far as praying to God and blessing countries. Isn´t asking God to bless your favorite country also asking him to be partial? Why not just ask God to bless all people in the world? We´re all human beings deserving of such blessing (if one believes that God exists).

Again, apologies if my previous comments were too strong.

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Thats interesting comparison....
Sharon, where does your chat pal live in the US ? Also, does she have some serious medical issues and/or other insurance premium payments that may not reflect the average american premiums around that area ?
Income of $110k should result in a take home of around 70k - 80k range depending on where you live in the USA, and considering 5-10% 401k deductions to go with the taxes and social security at source.
If one has a take home of say $80k in Canada, what should be their gross income ?

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I am getting lot of interesting replies to my original post..

My original question was not to compare US and Canada.
It was more in terms of the challenges, good things one has to expect and prepare before moving to Canada from the US.

Still it is an interesting discussion with lots of insights. Now I am getting a feeling that there are many who move back from Can to US.


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Good to hear from you. If someone prefers Canada I have no problem. All of we agree that everybody has different situation, peronal choice..that dictates the final choice. Nothing is absolute. I miss many things of Canada in the US certainly. In fact, if I were a high school drop out with no professional career ahead then I would love to stay in Canada.

The resume I posted earlier is not my friend or never did I meet him. We met in another site and as he is of my profession I´m trying to help him. Don´t you think that it is highly unfair to waste such merits? He is not alone, I know many guys like that. They tried their best to establish in Canada, but with no luck.

Racism exists everywhere, open or hidden. I don´t think in Canada the cause is racism, it is just lack of enough oppurtunities available work force. I can´t blame any employer if he doesn´t hire a foreign trained guy with accent whereas he gets locally trained guys readily available. This is the case in Canada, though it went one step down. Immigrants, regardless of their qualifications are being considered as secondary candidates for jobs. As an effect, racial tension is growing and I´m afraid in near future it may spread.

Your theory about God Blessing is something very unique to me. Yes, we all should pray for the global welfare. Not for our own. But in the same sense, we should use "I love the earth" instead of I love Canada or USA.

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raj, I also found that calculation somewhat confusing but didn´t go farther as Sharon´s income may be more than 100K or the lady may have some serious problem. Though for a rough idea, I have to pay healthcare premium 230$/month for 2 of us. Meaning, 2,760$ /year, that is a small fraction of my income.

401 is also optional, so should be out of this calculation.

However, we all must agree that if USA could introduce something like Canada in healthcare then it could be the icing on cake.

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I live in NY and I pay abt $450 for my family per month for medical insurance (absolutely ridiculous, I used to pay $280 for the same 3 yrs ago !!)... but I always thought if you make $100k + then you should be okay here in the US (even with high medical premiums), compared to a similar person in Canada, maybe not !!
I don´t know abt the medical service in Canada, but I must say its great here in the US, I know it comes for a price, but no complaints !!

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her medical premiums are in the $450 range. And that is paid with after tax dollars. My premiums are $59.

without any additional deductions beyond employment insurance and CPP, no dependents, a income of $80K will net you $61,000.

Take off your $59 per month in Medical insurance premiums, and you are at $61,000 or $5,024.34 a month net, after medical premiums.

I don´t know if her math was wrong or we were not comparing apples and apples.

What´s take home on $110K- no dependents?

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In US health insurance premium is soaring up. We are just the silent victims! Would you believe in 2002 I used to pay 130$/month for both of us in TX?

Canadian system is free except eye/dental, that is the best thing. But from my experience I think the care & quality is better in US, though you have to pay some price. If you are more interested then may read the following comparison:

Few months ago, a study was done to compare the healthcare system of the countries that have universal healthcare like Canada, it found Canadian system is the worse one.