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Subject: CBV333, Please respond
  Congratulations on making it to IA in just 3 months, I think it must be a record in Canadian Immigration history.

Please share in details with us what special things you did while submitting your application , so that we too can learn from you. I will be submitting my application for immigration in Buffalo office sometime next month. Your help will be highly appreciated.

Also did you used the services of any immigration consultant/agency ?



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Hi Rajiv,

I did not do anything special really. I am on a H1-B here in USA and submitted my application as Skilled Worker in March 2007 and got AOR in April 2007 and got IA in July 2007

I did not use any immigration consultant or agency as I believe I could do the job by myself.

The only thing I did that maybe others did not is just the presentation of my case: for each point on the checklist I made a separate folder with a cover sheet with the title.

And all forms I completed was by computer so it looks good to read but I am sure others do that too. Overall I followed the instructions very very carefully and submitted all required documents at the time of submission.

So overall it is EXTREMELY easy for the CIC officer to read my case.

I doubt that this is the reason why it was so fast. I may have just been lucky.

It is also true that my score is almost 100 (in fact I score maximum everywhere except for the job since I don´t have a job in Canada). But is your score determined the speed of process ? I doubt it.

Some had their IA in 5 or 6 months so I am not the only one to have had a quick one but perhaps this year they are faster.

I hope this is encouraging for future 2007 applicants.

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AS CBV said, even I did the folder seperation by a cover page as per the checklist but surely doubt this is the reason.

I have filed in March 2007, received IA in March 2007 and IA (along with Medicals, Police clearance and Landing fees) has been requested in July 2007.

May be CBV and I are lucky to get close or probably the things have become much faster at Buffalo consulate.

I am currently in Canada on a work permit and have been here since 3 yrs.

Also, I had an application filed at New Delhi in 2005 which I withdrew in Jan 2007 and filed new application in March 2007 at Buffalo.

Let me know in case any more questions.

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This is really encouraging CBV333 and Praveen. Hope everyone applying in 2007 gets their processing done fast like you two!!!
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Thanks CBV33 and Praveen for taking the time and respond to my queries. Hope you will continue to guide us



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