Medical examination. Permanent residence.

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Subject: Medical examination. Permanent residence.
I need an advice from you all.
My partner and I immigrated to Canada three years ago. We requested permanent residence status last year and we are now almost at the end of the process. We only have to go through the requested medical exmamination. However,I have just found out that the deadlines for the monies left to be paid and the medical examination are not the same (90 days to send a cheque and 60 days for the medical examination). I did not meet the deadline for the medical thing (the deadline was June 30th).
Why do you advise me to do?
How serious is this?
Can someone tell me what can be the consequences, if any, of this?
Shall I email the Buffalo people to tell them about it?
Or shall I just carry on as if everything was fine?

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Fax them stating that you have made appointment and will be doing your medicals soon. Ask them to consider your request and usually they do.
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