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Subject: Partnered, Disabled, Want to know about Canada
  I have a very odd situation.

I´m a male and am in a relationship and have been partnered with the same person for going on 7 years. I´m in my 30´s and he´s in his 20´s. I am a U.S. Citizen and he is a Legal Resident born in Hong Kong.

Presently, he has no citizenship because the transfer of Hong Kong. He´s lived in the states since he was 1 year old. He has his Hong Kong birth certificate, but cannot locate his British Territories Passport and we can´t seem to get his citizenship worked out.

We´re both against him getting Chinese citizenship, and are reluctant to get U.S. citizenship as we both have a yearning to leave the U.S. and move to Canada.

I´m bipolar, resistant to medication, but stable in my own home and receiving disability from social security. I know that I can continue to get my $925 per month from the SSA if I live out of the country.

While manic, I had committed felonies where I was incarcerated. These were white collar (computer and securities fraud). I´ve been out of prison since 1998 and have not been in trouble with the law. I´ve been off parole since 2001.

Lastly, our rights as a couple do not exist here and I´m not very fond of the hot weather, yes we both like the snow and the cold (I think there are others like us). We´ve joked about moving to Canada especially if my partner could somehow get his British Citizenship worked out.

We´ve got a small savings and are making payments on a mortgage in the states.

Would there be a way that he could become a citizen more easily than me? Would there be a scenario where we could move to Canada and see how we like it to begin the citizenship process?

Would Canada have any problems with an otherwise disabled person moving there? Would I be able to receive medical attention? Would my $925 a month have any positive or negative effects?

Thanks in advance!

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First, you (and/or your partner) must acquire Canadian permanent residency before you can apply for citizenship. Legal residency is a prerequisite to citizenship in most countries.

Secondly, having British citizenship has no bearing on getting either permanent residency or citizenship. Those days ended when Canada become fully independent from Britain in 1947.

Lastly, Canada welcomes all qualified immigrants, and disability is never a factor. However, if you (and/or your partner) want to immigrate to Canada, you need to show value to Canada by having a qualified skill and work experience. Alternatively, sufficient funds and business experience may also qualify you for investor or entrepreneur class of immigration.

Short of having immediate family in Canada, it sounds like both of you may be hard pressed to qualify for most of these requirements. Immigrating to Canada because of personal desire isn´t sufficient. Having a criminal record in the U.S. will also make it very difficult to be accepted.

I suggest reviewing Canada´s immigration policies at their web site to see what options you might have:

Others may want to comment as well. Good luck.

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If your on a disability pension in the states the odds are that you will be medically inadmissable to Canada. Your inadmissable for crimminality as well since no pardons are granted in the states.

You can submit a rehab application but try to change the Laws there so that your rights as a couple will be recognized.

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Thanks for the replies.

I´m confused about the "full independence" issue. I guess I had always thought that Canada was part of Great Britain and the passports bore the Crown on them...

Trying to change the laws in this country for our rights as a couple isn´t going to happen for another 15 or 20 years (in my opinion).

On the criminality issue, my offenses do not preclude me from voting, running for office, or owning a firearm (here).

My disability is bipolar disorder, not something physical.

Thanks for the replies so far, also the website was very helpful. We have both owned a karaoke/audio/video business for many years. We´ve also owned two Cellular Phone stores and a bar for 3 years. We might have an opportunity under the self-employed if we can get past my peccadilloes.

We´ve got plenty of money for our family to move there, but we´d have to pass the hurdles.

Are there ways we could move there and live for a year or two without taking up residency to see that the north is where we want to live?

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You cannot " live here for a year or two ".

Every one who enters Canada MUST do so with the written permission of the Government of Canada, except those who are here for a short VISIT. Even some tourists, from specified countries, must get a Visitor´s Visa ahead of time by applying in their own country, to the Canadian Embassy there.

American citizens, with proper personal identification may enter Canada as a VISITOR, for up to 180 days in any 12 month period, BUT they are forbidden to do any paid work in Canada, at all.

AS others here have told you, your chances of being accepted by Canada as a Immigrant are VERY low, based on your criminal record and the fact that your are now on social assistance payments from the US government, or a state government.

Jim B. Toronto.

Canadian Citizen
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I also have been diagnosed with bipolar disorder. I am wondering if THAT ALONE will disqualify me from getting permanent residency, then citizenship?

I decided NOT to file for disability in this country because I knew it would be on my "record" and might get me denied on the medical requirements.

I am now stable on medication, working, and, in fact, a Board Member and Group Leader of the local Depression and Bipolar Support Group. I am hoping that this will show that I have a support system, can help others with the same illness and not be a burden on the Canadian Medical System.

But really I wonder if I am "doomed" to not get residency because of the bipolar diagnosis. Anyone ????????

kim a.
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i just want to know can i get the visa for canada.

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i need some information, i am having physical disability on my i want to apply for worker skilled visa.Is my disability put hurdles on my visa or not?..please mail me
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i am 39 and have disability (polio) of my lower limbs but i can walk and even drive the bike. I want to work and live in canada. I want to permanently immigrate to Canada.Whether a disable person can get visa for Canada? My qualification is MBA and I have 17 yrs experience of banking. |I need your valueable suggestions before applying for visa. Plz mail your suggestions to
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